Dutch Journalist Digs into “Minerality”

Wine Business Monthly summarizes the findings of a Dutch journalist and consultant, Cees Van Casteren, who has investigated use of the term “minerality.” Van Casteren, they state, found the word appearing in ten percent of the tasting notes in Wine Spectator, ahead of “fruity, oaky, acidic or floral.” This pattern also occurred in Decanter.  The journalist conducted a survey at the Wine Professional Trade Fair in Amsterdam, querying “connoisseurs” as to their understanding of the term. 92 percent “associated it with the notion of terroir,” he found, and 85 percent linked it to white wines and, specifically, wines from the Loire, Burgundy and Alsace. Van Casteren discovered, however, that none of those participating in the survey “managed to truly define minerality, and none thought it could result from winemaking techniques or the use of sulfites.”

Ed. For perspective, readers may want to review articles referring to “minerality” in earlier editions of the Chronicle.



Julien Camus

Founder & President @ Wine Scholar Guild

Julien worked as Trade Attaché for wines and spirits at the French Embassy in Washington DC (2004-2006). In this role, he recognized the need for French wine education as a means to spur consumer demand and interest in his country’s wines.

To that end, he founded the Wine Scholar Guild in August of 2005,an organization dedicated to the promotion of French wine and culture through education. Julien invited national importers of French wine to join the organization as Industry Members and 25 key French wine importers did so immediately.

After leaving the embassy, he has devoted his energies to developing the Wine Scholar Guild and its network of program providers around the globe. Julien holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration with a major in International Marketing from the Strasbourg Management School.

In 2019, Julien was one of the "Future 50" award winners, an award created by WSET and IWSC to acknowledge professionals under 40 who have made a significant contribution to the industry.

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