Côtes du Rhône: a Variety of Terroir Expressions | Online Tasting Lab

Côtes du Rhône: a Variety of Terroir Expressions | Online Tasting Lab

Hailing from the sun-drenched plains of southern France, the wines of Côtes du Rhône are seen as crowd-pleasing and accessible thanks to their great value and ability to deliver. It's easy for professionals and consumers alike to overlook the variety of terroirs that exist within this well-known regional appellation.

From single vineyard bottlings, to the distinctive expressions found in the Côtes du Rhône Villages appellations, the region is capable of producing true wines of place, deeply rooted in their varied terroirs.

To illustrate this diversity, we have organized a special online tutored tasting, hosted by Matt Walls, Rhône wine specialist for Decanter Magazine, and author of the recently published Wines of the Rhône. Matt will be joined by Rhône Valley’s preeminent wine geologist, Georges Truc.

You will taste six wines*, carefully selected from the terraces and escarpments of the Southern Rhône, with each wine representing a unique terroir. During the tasting, you’ll have the opportunity to experiment with WSG’s GeoSensorial Tasting Grid, helping you delve into the texture, structure, and mouthfeel of each wine. This hands-on exercise will allow you to interpret the nuances and gain a deeper understanding of each wine’s unique terroir signature.

*A limited quantity of tasting kits has been created for this event. Regretfully, due to shipping restrictions, registration for this event is only open to customers with shipping addresses within the United States. Purchasing the full package for the event, which includes the kit and shipping, is required to register.


Date: Tuesday December 6, 2022

Time: 1pm EST

Duration: 2 hours

  • Connecting to the event via a computer (desktop or laptop) is recommended, rather than mobile phone or tablet.
  • The event will be recorded if you cannot join live, however, please note that the interactive tasting functionalities are best enjoyed live. The link to the recording will be shared with registered participants only. 


  • WSG member: $55 (WSG members can receive special price by using the coupon code they received via email on Nov 2)
  • Non-member: $65

Price includes: registration for the online event, complimentary wine kit, and shipping costs within the United States.

Each tasting kit contains six bottles containing 187ml (6.3 oz.) of wine, which can generally serve 2-3 people who are tasting together in the same room. It's recommended that each person who wishes to complete the interactive tasting grid during the event connects with their own computer. 


Matt Walls, Rhône wine specialist for Decanter Magazine and author of the recently published Wines of the Rhône

Georges Truc, geologist and Rhône specialist 


  • 1. White: Domaine Les Escaravailles Côtes du Rhône “La Ponce” 2021
  • 2. White: Domaine Pélaquié Côtes du Rhône 2021
  • 3. Red: Domaine de la Bastide Côtes du Rhône “La Petite Verdière” 2020
  • 4. Red: Domaine du Bois Saint-Jean Côtes du Rhône Gadagne Voulongues 2021
  • 5. Red: Domaine Roche-Audran Côtes du Rhône “César” 2017
  • 6. Red: Domaine Coste-Chaude Côtes du Rhône Villages Visan “Rocaille” 2019

Valentine Touzeau

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