Spanish Wine Scholar - Online Format

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The package includes:

The SWS study manual, access to interactive e-learning modules, and review webinars for one year as well as registration for the SWS online exam-sit. Does not include the one-year membership subscription.

Upon purchase, you will gain instant access to all of the course materials, including the e-book, followed shortly by your study manual in the mail. 

Detail of the package:

Spanish Wine Scholar study manual

  • A full-color printed study manual on the wines of Spain and digital e-book version
  • The most current and comprehensive resource on the wines of Spain
  • Manual doubles as a reference book for wine professionals

Professional instructor support with Rick Fisher, Spanish Programs Director

  • A schedule of study with learning objectives for each region
  • 13 on-demand webinars
  • Live online Monthly Meet-ups with your instructor 
  • 16 interactive e-learning modules with loads of illustrations and videos
  • Online quizzes and learning games for self-evaluation
  • A list of recommended wines to sample on your own or in a tasting group organized by students enrolled in the online program
  • Instructor Q&A forum for assistance as well as Student Community forums
  • Downloadable maps
  • Access to pronunciation exercise
  • Study materials are available 24/7 and registration is for one full year

Registration for the SWS online exam-sit

  • The exam is composed of 100 multiple-choice questions and must be completed in 60 minutes.
  • The Spanish Wine Scholar credential will be conferred to those individuals who sit the exam and achieve a score of 75 or higher.
  • Online exam candidates must have a computer (tablet not compatible), a good internet connection, a webcam and a microphone with speakers for proctoring purposes.
  • Candidate has one year from registration date to take the exam. When ready, the candidate may contact us two weeks in advance here to schedule the exam.

Recognizing the exceptional depth and accuracy of the program, Foods and Wines from Spain (ICEX - Spain's Trade & Investment Government Agency) has endorsed the program.

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Customer Reviews
5 1 5
Mar 29, 2024
A systematic study program of wine easy to follow and enriching knowledge with student oriented learning processes.
5 1 4
Mar 1, 2024
Thank you for all the work you do behind the scenes to make these classes a great way to learn about wine history and the typography that goes along with it. I am a lifetime learner and have enjoyed all three programs and the wonderful trips you offer to enrich our knowledge of wine.
5 1 5
Feb 13, 2024
Rick is an excellent tutor
5 1 4
Feb 6, 2024
SWS is a very thorough deep dive into the wines of Spain. Not only all appellations viti- and viniculture are discussed but also the history which is important in understanding why certain appellations are the way they are
5 1 5
Jan 30, 2024
Consistent presented in simple easy to consume way
5 1 5
Jan 19, 2024
The Spanish Wine Scholar program is a fantastic opportunity to delve deeper into Spanish wine culture and learn more about the history grape varieties and people. Each chapter is its own travel into a fascinating country full of diversity in viticulture and winemaking methods. I am glad that I took this journey and can only recommend the SWS program to anyone who wants to learn more about Spain and its rich wine culture.
5 1 5
Nov 25, 2023
The Spanish Wine Scholar course opened up my eyes to the fascinatingly complex history and culture of one of the most underrated wine-producing countries.
5 1 5
Nov 14, 2023
I enjoyed the course a lot. The materials and supporting videos were great and made it easier to understand.
5 1 5
Oct 31, 2023
It is a very useful program to understand Spain it is very educational to learn more complicated regions such as Andalusia and Rioja very clear maps and the information is precise
5 1 4
Oct 23, 2023
I enjoyed the course! It provided lots to learn.
5 1 5
Oct 20, 2023
Rick was an amazing instructor the program is comprehensive and the study materials cover a lot of interesting topics.
5 1 5
Aug 10, 2023
The course is very detailed and prepared in an extremely thorough way.
It covers both the history and geography of Spain. I recommend it especially for people who love Spanish wines and would like to explore their secrets. The course is both for people working professionally with wine as well as for people like me enthusiasts
5 1 5
Aug 9, 2023
The was an amazing program. I cannot say enough positive things about the instructor Rick and the program material. I found value in the weekly live training sessions as Rick was able to address questions in real time. He was also great with feedback and provided a very positive experience.
5 1 4
Jul 27, 2023
Fascinating and enjoyable in-depth study of Spanish wines
5 1 5
Jul 27, 2023
I did the SWS and the content of the manual is very understandable I am a wine enthusiast and I learned a lot. Now I can have a global understanding of Spanish wines and enjoy them to the fullest. I cant wait to do my next certification course.
5 1 5
Jul 25, 2023
The Spanish Wine Scholar program was fantastic! The materials are great with deep dives into history, regions, soils, and benchmark producers. I particularly loved the chapters that cover the “lesser known” regions like Madrid, Valencia, and the Islands. They were filled with great information that is hard to find anywhere else. Also, Wine Scholar Guild maps are always so on point. I would buy the books for the maps alone. Anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge in Spain should absolutely take this program.
5 1 4
May 8, 2023
The WSG is a fantastic program and the materials and wine samples are incredible! Great structure and planning to each session.
Thank you for a fabulous experience!
5 1 5
Apr 4, 2023
The Spanish Wine Scholar program has meant to me a great opportunity to widen my knowledge of the wines from Spain. It not only dives into all winemaking regions of this country, but it also makes you enjoy by discovering other fascinating facets of its culture.
5 1 5
Mar 25, 2023
I really enjoyed the Spanish wine course. The book is very informative and also the online material is great. The overall course is very knowledgeable about Spain in general and the wine regions in particular without neglecting the history of Spain and other important features. Moreover Rick and Sascha are great teachers. I am glad I did it.
5 1 5
Mar 15, 2023
As someone who works in the medical field, and shares a passion for Spanish wine, I truly enjoyed the content of this course. It’s methodical approach for each region, while presenting its history, evolution, and lively webinars by Rick, prompts my interest to pursue other certifications with WSG!

Dr. Kevork Kouyoumjian, PharmD
5 1 5
Feb 4, 2023
The book was well presented.
Rick and Sasha's seminars were brilliant, really consistently planned and delivered.
This helped tremendously during my final revisions.
Thank you for yet another enjoyable course!
5 1 4
Feb 1, 2023
I recommend the Spanish Wine Scholar Program to anyone looking to further their knowledge in Spanish wines.
5 1 4
Jan 24, 2023
The Spanish Wine Scholar is a full immersion into the history, culture, vineyards and grapes varietals of Spain. I found it to be both challenging and rewarding and look forward to sharing my knowledge with others to promote Spanish wines throughout the Southeast United States in my wine tasting classes.
5 1 5
Jan 10, 2023
I won the wine scholar 2020 scholarship. The course was an absolute delight. I must have read the book back to front countless times. Made too many flash cards. My walls were covered in the maps with strings going everywhere like a crime investigation.

The material was tough at times but it is very interesting and fun. If you are genuinely passionate about wine then I guarantee you will 100% enjoy SWS like I have.
Having access to the Moodle, with the various videos, audios, quizzes, etc. is all very beneficial and helps retain the information without burning out since it is a lot to memorise.

But yeah, 10/10 I would do it again. Soon hopefully i'll take IWS and FWS too.
5 1 5
Dec 20, 2022
These have been my favorite certifications since 2019 as the flexibility to connect from Mexico online with the instructors has been very valuable. I definitely encourage any sommelier that wants to have specific knowledge of these wine countries, Wine Scholar is the best option!
5 1 4
Nov 20, 2022
I loved the experience from start to finish. As the son of a Spaniard and wine shop owner/sommelier, I wanted to obtain this certification partly as a way to grow closer to my family heritage - and I think we succeeded!

Thank you, Rick, for being such a great teacher and for making this such a rewarding experience.
5 1 5
Oct 5, 2022
Love the instructor he focused on key need to know while highlighting extra material and dropping fun info about Spain outside of testing material. It was a well rounded course. He’s so passionate about Spain and Spanish wine and it came thur. The information was presented so well it sets you up for sucess in passing the test and gaining Spanish wine knowledge.
5 1 5
Oct 4, 2022
I recently completed the Spanish Wine Scholar exam and passed with highest honors. I attribute this to Rick Fisher, the instructor and author of the study manual, and to the plethora of high quality study aids including flashcards, quizzes, learning objectives, online webinars with associated pdfs of webinar slides made available during and following the online course. I was not able to take the exam in the time provided for the course but was easily able to extend my time and access to all study materials. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to get an in-depth understanding of the wines and wine-producing areas of Spain.
5 1 5
Jul 31, 2022
This is an excellent and truly challenging program!
5 1 5
Jun 29, 2022
Loved the Spanish Wine Scholar Program! Rick and Sasha are fantastic and very engaging instructors who truly know what they are talking about. I now have such a greater appreciation for Spanish wines and the history of Spain. I highly recommend the instructor led program!
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