Italian Wine Scholar Unit 1 - Online Format

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The package includes:

The IWS Unit 1 study manual, access to interactive e-learning modules, access to the recorded class sessions for one year, as well as registration for the IWS Unit 1 online exam-sit.

Note: Unit 1 & 2 can be taken in any order.

Detail of the package:

IWS Unit 1 study manual

  • A 262-page, full-color study manual on the wines of Northern Italy
  • The most current and comprehensive resource on the wines of Northern Italy
  • Manual doubles as a reference book for wine professionals

Professional instructor support with acclaimed wine educator and Italian Programs Director Andrea Eby

Program's features and benefits:

  • A schedule of study with learning objectives for each region
  • 14 recorded webinars for on-demand viewing
  • Live Program Kick-Off and Q&A session, offered each month with your instructor
  • Interactive e-learning modules with loads of illustrations and full audio narration for each region
  • Online quizzes and learning games for self-evaluation
  • A list of recommended wines to sample on your own or in a tasting group organized by students enrolled in the online program
  • Instructor Q&A forum for assistance as well as Student Community forums
  • Downloadable maps
  • Access to repeat-after-me pronunciation exercise
  • Study materials are available 24/7 and registration is for one full year

Registration for the IWS Unit 1 online exam-sit

  • The exam is composed of 100 multiple-choice questions and must be completed in 60 minutes.
  • To become an Italian Wine Scholar and receive the IWS credential candidates need to pass the exams for Unit 1 and Unit 2 with a composite score of 75%
  • The scores from both exams are added together and averaged for final assessment.
  • Students with a composite score of 85-90.5 pass with HONORS. Candidates scoring 91-100 pass with HIGHEST HONORS.
  • Online exam candidates must have a computer (tablet not compatible), a good internet connection, a webcam and a microphone with speakers for proctoring purposes.
Customer Reviews
5 1 5
May 18, 2024
Great way to get a really in-depth understanding of some very complicated material.
5 1 4
May 7, 2024
Well designed and accessible. Great resources and study at your own pace.
5 1 4
Apr 19, 2024
The material given allowed me to feel confident with the information and the knowledge to take the test with ease
5 1 5
Mar 13, 2024
I did both programs North and South and first on line and then in-person. It was a joyful experience to taste and have a connection with the teacher. Both programs are amazing and I do feel more qualified to speak and confident when it comes to presenting wines. Thank you.
5 1 5
Mar 8, 2024
The materials and online presentation for Italian Wine Scholar are incredibly detailed and thorough. It offers a full picture of wine in Italy from ancient history to modern winemaking methods and anything in between. A must take class for the serious Italian wine scholar!
5 1 5
Mar 3, 2024
Great program to dive into the world of Italian wine very informative and detailed . Very well structured with enough additional materials and support from WSG . Looking forward to Unit 2 and maybe another course .
5 1 5
Feb 27, 2024
Italian wine Scholar is a must to proceed on your way to be a wine professional… you cant miss any of wine Scholar guild programs… they are complete and easy to understand….
5 1 4
Feb 14, 2024
I found the video on the Studio very helpful and very well done. The book is well written and it was easy to plan the study on my own.
5 1 5
Jan 27, 2024
Clear and comprehensive program to build a solid understanding of Italian wine from vineyard to glass.
5 1 5
Jan 15, 2024
This is an really interesting course and well worth doing. It really expanded my knowledge of Italian wines. It was well presented online by the tutor which together with the other online materials made it an excellent course.
5 1 4
Dec 3, 2023
IWS Unit 1 was a fun and well-structured dive into the region culture and wines of Northern Italy. I would recommend it to anyone looking to boost their knowledge and thus enhance their enjoyment of Italian wines and travel.
5 1 5
Dec 1, 2023
Italy Unit 1 is the 4th unit I have taken and by now follows a familiar format - which simply works! Studying a country region by region is an excellent way to both deepen your knowledge AND widen your horizons at the same time.
5 1 5
Nov 27, 2023
Italy (North) was the 2nd online class I have taken through the WSG. I found them both outstanding and having the ability to re-watch the classes as many time as I felt I needed was a great asset to my learning. Signing up for Italy (south) now.
5 1 5
Nov 7, 2023
The Italian Wine Scholar course has added to my wine journey. It is challenging yet well laid out. The interactive learning modules mock quizzes mock exams and flash cards allowed me to revisit material frequently while keeping my study routine fresh.
5 1 5
Nov 1, 2023
I was really pleased with the quality of the course I really enjoyed it. The manual is clear precise and detailed. A fundamental resource also for the future. Excellent remote support. I cant wait to study the second part
5 1 5
Oct 23, 2023
Excellent and well-structured course with enough study material to learn and excel.
5 1 4
Oct 20, 2023
Comprehensive rigorous intimate challenging...a crucial learning curve for someone looking to delve in the wine regions and wines of Italy!...Thank you to Andrea Eby for all the efforts as the course instructor.
5 1 5
Oct 20, 2023
The Italian Wine Scholar Program is truly a Master program of study - the sheer wealth of information presented in clear and concise formats cannot be overstated enough. I return to my IWS Manual and my notes time and time again long after having sat for the exam - it is a program for a lifetime of learning and re-exploring.
5 1 5
Aug 9, 2023
Wonderful overview of the complex world of northern Italian wines that helps you to understand the region and encourages you to want to discover more.
5 1 5
Jul 14, 2023
The course has really opened my horizons to Italian wine in general. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and approachable. I am going to open a bottle of lagrein for Bastille Day. Don't tell my French relatives...
5 1 5
Jun 12, 2023
I thought I knew about Italy but when I studied IWS it took me on a deep dive which although a lot of work was amazing and fascinating at the same time.
5 1 4
May 11, 2023
Northern Italy is a very complicated but extremely rewarding wine region to master. Through the WSG's methodical history and terroir based teaching, I now feel confident with the many fascinating and unique grapes, wine styles, and DOCs that this region comprises. An absolute must for any serious wine enthusiast!
5 1 5
May 5, 2023
The program has increased my knowledge of Italian wines exponentially! I feel I can better serve my guests as well as teach others about my passion.
5 1 5
May 4, 2023
I wanted exactly what this course offers: learn more about the wines and all around them, get all the information that, in my opinion, should be at the basis of all wine knowledge. Thanks to this course, I now have the basis on which to build a knowledge and understanding of wine.
5 1 5
Apr 30, 2023
It is a challenging course, but extremely enriching and educational for those with a passion for Italy and Italian wines.
5 1 4
Apr 22, 2023
I really liked the presentations and pairing with quizzes and flashcards. I thought the instructor led sessions delivered good content, but a little slow and long for my liking.
5 1 5
Apr 5, 2023
The IWS has elevated my understanding on the Italian wine industry. I am both pleased and proud to have taken the IWS as it will benefit my work at the Wine School by the Lake
5 1 4
Feb 21, 2023
I very much enjoyed the Italian Wine Scholar Unit 1. The course was very informative, and there was a lot of information to absorb. Visiting Piemonte while doing the course brought it alive for me and really increased by enjoyment of the visit. I would recommend the course to anyone interested in Italian wine and wine generally.
5 1 5
Jan 26, 2023
Excellent distance learning modules with a large diversity in materials available for in-depth understanding.
5 1 4
Jan 13, 2023
Passing all 3 countries, Italy, France and Spain i Blaine is a good foundation for the WSET diploma or Master of Wine
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