Italian Wine Scholar Unit 2 - Online Format

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The package includes:

The IWS Unit 2 study manual, access to interactive e-learning modules, access to the recorded review webinars for one year, as well as registration for the IWS Unit 1 online exam-sit.

Note: Unit 1 & 2 can be taken in any order.

Detail of the package:

IWS Unit 2 study manual

  • Full-color study manual on the wines of Central and Southern Italy
  • The most current and comprehensive resource on the wines of Central and Southern Italy
  • Manual doubles as a reference book for wine professionals

Professional instructor support with acclaimed wine educator and Italian Programs Director Andrea Eby

Program's features and benefits:

  • A schedule of study with learning objectives for each region
  • 15 recorded class sessions for on-demand viewing
  • Live Program Kick-Off and monthly Q&A session with your instructor
  • Interactive e-learning modules with loads of illustrations and full audio narration for each region
  • Online quizzes and learning games for self-evaluation
  • A list of recommended wines to sample on your own or in a tasting group organized by students enrolled in the online program
  • Instructor Q&A forum for assistance as well as Student Community forums
  • Downloadable maps
  • Access to repeat-after-me pronunciation exercise
  • Study materials are available 24/7 and registration is for one full year

Registration for the IWS Unit 2 online exam-sit

  • The exam is composed of 100 multiple-choice questions and must be completed in 60 minutes.
  • To become an Italian Wine Scholar and receive the IWS credential candidates need to pass the exams for Unit 1 and Unit 2 with a composite score of 75%
  • The scores from both exams are added together and averaged for final assessment.
  • Students with a composite score of 85-90.5 pass with HONORS. Candidates scoring 91-100 pass with HIGHEST HONORS.
Customer Reviews
5 1 5
Apr 4, 2024
IWS 2 is a great wine education program. It helped me in an easy and enjoyable way to get a deep knowledge of Italian wines.
5 1 5
Feb 27, 2024
Well done. This program added a lot to my knowledge and was well presented. I especially like all of the exercises and ability for feedback.
5 1 5
Feb 10, 2024
Great book that is supported by website platform to reinforce learning and test knowledge learned.
5 1 5
Jan 20, 2024
The Italian Wine Scholar program provides an excellent in-depth study of Italy with a focus on wine. The material is presented in an interesting and organized manner and the focus on history geography geology and on the wines of each region provide for a compelling way to study about Italy and its wines. A very education enjoyable and rewarding program that I would highly recommend to anyone with an interest in Italy and its wines.
5 1 5
Jan 9, 2024
I highly recommend Italian Wine Scholar Unit 2 for in-depth study of the areas. The review quizzes are very helpful. The learning objectives guide you to be successful for the exam however they do not cover every question on the exam.
5 1 5
Dec 22, 2023
The Italian Wine Scholar Unit 2 program was a very complementary follow-on to the Unit 1 program. The general flow of the materials stayed the same and was easy to follow. I would recommend the Wine Scholar curriculum to anyone wishing to further their wine knowledge!
5 1 4
Nov 27, 2023
IWS is the only comprehensive online training on italian wines that I have found on the web : clear interesting and well illustrated
5 1 5
Oct 25, 2023
Very in depth comprehensive and challenging all at of a kind wine certification on Italy......peerless! Thank you to everyone at the Guild involved in creating this course!
5 1 5
Oct 24, 2023
Through the comprehensive course manuals students can take a deep dive into the fascinating and complex world of Italian wine. I especially liked that the information is presented within each regions unique cultural and historical context. While the material covered is extensive, the content is so well laid out that it makes it quite approachable and easy to follow.
5 1 5
Oct 22, 2023
I was so impressed with how detailed and accurate the materials were. It was stimulating and challenging and Andrea our instructor was fantastic. We made a study group and I was able to make a new network of wine friends from all over the world. The customer service was efficient and responsive and I was 100 satisfied and feel confident in my newfound knowledge in all the regions of Italy! THANK YOU!
5 1 5
Jun 19, 2023
What makes this such a strong engagement for learning are the different formats to reinforce the learning process. The various self-testing quizzes, the various audio sections, the flashcard challenges, the pronunciation sections, and the self tracking of your progress. I really do think this is one of the best platforms offered for wine studies. Great job WSG!
5 1 5
May 11, 2023
Everything was great. Would be awesome having classroom format in Poland.
5 1 5
May 5, 2023
The Italian Wine course of study is quite intense but well-done. The instructors are excellent, the study materials and text well-organized and the distance-learning program was exceptionally arranged for a variety of students and schedules!
5 1 4
May 2, 2023
The IWS course was a really good way to get into Italian wine in depth. The study manual and support on the WSG webpages (flashcards, quizzes etc) were clear, informative and very well written. I've not got to spend the next decade visiting all the regions and trying the wines!
5 1 5
Apr 16, 2023
An excellent programme covering Central and Southern Italy that not only covers key appellations, grapes, viticulture but also gives historical context and interesting anecdotes that help to bring the regions alive
5 1 5
Mar 16, 2023
Italian Wine Scholar is a big one. 20 regions, hundreds of appellations and indigenous grape varietals, huge history and more in 2 units (not just one). This course is so well done. Go for the instructor-led unit. You‘ll get hooked. No rest for the wicked, next step for me, the FWS.
5 1 5
Mar 2, 2023
The IWS course is a demanding and comprehensive course on Italian wine. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Italian wine in depth from WSG. Totally worth the effort!
5 1 5
Mar 2, 2023
Italy has an overwhelming wine heritage and a plethora of appellations. This program helped me find some degree of coherence and logic in them, because it thoroughly explains their characteristics and allows for comparisons.
Not only it provides clear and detailed information on the subject, it also is a great example of how a study guide should be structured. I'm impressed both as a learner and as a teacher.
5 1 5
Feb 7, 2023
I find the WSG very professional and helpful. I would sincerely recommend any wine enthusiast and those working in the wine industry to take the WSG courses.
5 1 5
Feb 4, 2023
This course gave me an indepth overview of Italian wine production in the regions in Central and Southern Italy. The course gave me a solid introduction to the grapes and appellations of each region and certainly induced me to visit my local wine store to sample them. It also promoted my interest to such an extent that I intend to pursue more in depth study of the various regions at a later date.
5 1 5
Feb 2, 2023
The IWS program covers Italy in depth from history to grapes to appellations and more. The chapters' format and uniformity allows you to retain more information. The flashcards and practice tests prepare you for not only the final test, but also real life situations. As a wine professional, I now have more confidence with Italian wines in the market.
5 1 5
Jan 26, 2023
I highly recommend this comprehensive program. It takes some focus and hitting the books hard, (at least for me who is easily distracted) but in the end, it’s worth the wealth of knowledge that I am accumulating. Thank you, Wine Scholar Guild.
5 1 5
Dec 9, 2022
The Italian Wine Scholar program is an excellent way to get in-depth knowledge of Italian Wines. A complex subject, but it is laid out in a way that you understand the history, the varietals, and the geographic areas that stand out.
5 1 5
Oct 23, 2022
It helps me to understand more about Central and Southern part of Italy that is clearly different from Unit 1. I learned a lot about geography, grapes and DOC/G from this class.
5 1 5
Oct 6, 2022
The IWS Program is the best program I’ve ever been enrolled to learn about Italian wines. The regional approach is the best and the way they teach the appellation is easy and created not to confuse you. I highly recommend WSG and the IWS.
5 1 4
Sep 28, 2022
I thoroughly enjoyed the IWS program. While the level of detailed information was, at times, overwhelming, the studying was rewarding, and both manuals continue to be a great resource for me for all things Italian wine.
5 1 5
Jul 28, 2022
All materials are great! Very relatable. Thank you for a great experience.
5 1 5
Jun 30, 2022
The IWS program is very effective and really enhances your practical knowledge on Italy and Italian wines. The manual is superb. Highly recommendable!
5 1 5
Feb 23, 2022
Having taken Unit #1 as an in classroom course I was a little hesitant taking Unit #2 as an online course; wondering if I would miss student and/or teacher interaction. However, my fears were alleviated after the initial class. The entire experience over Zoom could not have been better and interaction between students and/or students and teacher were seamless during classes via the chat function and outside class via the student/teacher question forum. I would recommend this online learning format to everyone.
5 1 5
Jan 27, 2022
I really enjoyed the instructor led online learning as it meant that each week I did some work on the section in readiness for the webinar. This meant for me that preparing for the exam was easier but having the ability to choose an exam date also gave time for proper exam revision.
Above all the course was enjoyable and not only enhanced my knowledge of Italian wines but appreciation of the vast growth and improvements in the Italian wine industry in Italy in the last 40 years.
I would recommend the course to others and am now enjoying working towards completing Unit 1 IWS.
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