Dissecting the Taste of Wine

A Scientific Explanations of Flavor
With Roger Bohmrich MW
Thursday Jan 31 2013


Taste, or “flavor” in common usage, is a phenomenon of enormous complexity.

This seminar presents a simplified understanding of the chemistry of wine flavor. The components of wine aromas and tastes are highly diverse and are derived from three principal origins: the fruit, fermentation and maturation (in wood or another material). Taint and “off flavors” constitute a separate yet related element. Associations and euphemisms of wine-tasting terminology such as “minerality” and “spice” are examined.

The emphasis is on scientific explanations of flavor, recognizing that sensory evaluation reflects an inherent tension between subjective and objective factors. 

Presenter: Roger Bohmrich MW

In 1993, Roger became one of the first Americans to pass the Master of Wine (“MW”) examination administered by the Institute of Masters of Wine in London. For ten years he dedicated himself to the MW cause, first as Education Coordinator of the North American educational program, then as Chairman of the No. American Advisory Board, leading the formation of the non-profit Institute of Masters of Wine (No. America), where he served three terms as its first President.

Roger has worked for two national importers, last as Senior Vice President-Marketing for Frederick Wildman & Sons, New York, where he directed a team in brand management, advertising, and public relations. He acted as buyer and liaison with wineries in a dozen countries, and also developed training and education for the firm’s staff and wholesale clients.

More recently, he set up the U.S. affiliate of Millesima, S.A., Europe’s leader in direct sales of fine wines to consumers via mail order and the internet. At present, he is an independent educator, speaker and consultant. Visit Roger's website: http://www.vintrinsic.com/

His articles and writing have appeared in Wine Business Monthly, Santé Magazine for restaurant professionals, and The Business of Wine – An Encyclopedia. Roger also provides the “Wine Q&A” replies to questions posted on LocalWineEvents.com.

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