Climate Change & Wine

Through The Lens of Viticulture
With Roger Bohmrich MW
Wednesday Nov 21 2012


Significant changes in global climate may be the most consequential issue for human beings.

Climate change refers not simply to rising temperatures but to a highly complex phenomenon whose pathway and effects are difficult to project. Wine provides an ideal laboratory for the study of evolving climatic patterns since there is a potential impact on three levels: the plant, fruit and finished beverage.

Changes in temperatures in the 20th century have been recorded in numerous countries and regions, and these data and findings are discussed.

The existing scientific evidence is examined through the lens of viticulture. Implications for the suitability of cultivars to specific regions are assessed, together with the consequences for prevailing practices and wine taste profiles.

The impact to date is seen to be largely benign in marginal areas whereas the long-term threats are judged to be disruptive to varying degrees. Future climate-related changes, if severe, could force a restructuring of viticulture in affected regions.

Presenter: Roger Bohmrich MW

As told by Robert: 

I have enjoyed a long and fulfilling career in wine, and I am currently an independent consultant, writer, educator and competition judge. I joined the trade after obtaining an MA in International Studies from Johns Hopkins University, where a chance encounter with a fine wine convinced me that the wine trade - rather than the diplomatic corps - was the obvious career choice.

In 2011, I divested of my interest in and stepped down as Managing Partner of Millesima USA LLC, the U.S. affiliate of Europe's leader in direct sales of fine wines to consumers via mail order and the Internet. I worked previously for two national importers, last as Senior Vice President-Marketing for Frederick Wildman & Sons, New York, where I directed a team in brand management, advertising, and public relations.

I acted as well as buyer and liaison with wineries in a dozen countries while developing training and education for the firm's staff and wholesalers. In 1993, I became one of the first Americans to pass the Master of Wine examination.

For ten years, I dedicated myself to the MW cause, first as the Education Coordinator of the North American educational program. I then served as Chairman of the No. American Advisory Board, leading the formation of the non-profit Institute of Masters of Wine (No. America), where I served three terms as its first President.

Over the years, I have appeared often as a speaker at U.S. wine festivals and conferences and have led seminars and tastings at hospitality schools, private clubs, and charity functions. My articles and writing have appeared in the Journal of Wine Research, Wine Business Monthly, Sant Magazine, and The Beverage Media Group. For several years, I have written the 'Wine Q&A on

Briefly, I also managed an innovative wine competition, and in recent years have judged competitions in Argentina, Turkey, Portugal, China and the U.S. I have been both a presenter and moderator of 'The Great Wine Seminar' in Florida, for many years one of the foremost events in the U.S. for wine collectors. I have been a frequent visitor to the classic wine-growing areas of France and speak French fluently. I have led groups of professionals and amateurs on tours of Burgundy.

My wine travels have taken me often to Italy as well as Germany, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Greece, South Africa, California, Oregon, and China. Working with wine has given me tremendous satisfaction and stimulation, and the Master of Wine title has enhanced the experience, opening the door to countless opportunities.

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