Fortified Wines from France

A Tour de France
With Guilherme Marques Martins
Wednesday Jan 13 2016


What is fortified wine? Our presenter will answer this question, along with providing a historical and geographic context.

Guilherme will present the winemaking principles associated with fortified wines, with a particular emphasis on French fortified wines, inclusive of their terroir, appellations, vinification methods and ageing method.

Specifically, he will cover Vins Doux Naturels from the Rhne Valley, Corsica, Languedoc and Roussillon as well as Vins de Liqueur (AOP: Pineau des Charentes, Floc de Gascogne, Macvin du Jura and Non-AOP: Ratafia Champagne, Cartagne Languedoc). Finally, he will discuss the gustative and olfactive characteristics of these wines.

Presenter: Guilherme Marques Martins, PhD

Guilherme Martins holds a PhD from the University of Bordeaux (France) in wine microbiology and biotechnology, and an enologist graduate degree from the University of Vila Real (Portugal). His experience as a winemaker covers such countries as Portugal, France and the US.

He is currently the coordinator of the Master in Vineyard and Winery Management at the Institut de Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin at Bordeaux. His teaching presently focuses on winemaking as well as winery design and equipment.

He collaborates in wine consulting for various academic and commercial projects. He also lectures at various locations around the world, and actively participates in promoting and developing innovations in winemaking research useful for both students and the community at large.

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The World of French Fortified Wines with Guilherme Marques Martins, PhD
Fortified Wines from Around the World with Guilherme Marques Martins, PhD
Fortified Wines from Around the World
With Guilherme Marques Martins