Somm Essentials

Beyond Wine: Coffee, Tea & Water
With David Glancy MS
Monday Feb 8 2016


There's more to life than wine (gasp!) In this webinar, we will be joined by Master Sommelier, David Glancy, FWS who covers the gamut of beverages in his Somm Essentials program. He will cover the historical developments of water, coffee and tea as well as recent changes in consumer tastes and buying habits.

Presenter: David Glancy MS

Master Sommelier, David Glancy is founder and owner of the San Francisco Wine School.

When one didn’t exist, David Glancy created a Certified Sommelier Program at the Professional Culinary Institute (now known as ICC), successfully coaching more than 400 students to pass the Court’s Certified Sommelier exam.

Glancy’s program remains the only Certified Sommelier program officially approved by the Court of Master Sommeliers. Soon after in 2011, Glancy founded San Francisco Wine School to create the ideal educational setting from the ground up. Read about his vision.

Glancy is one of only twelve people in the world to hold both the revered Master Sommelier diploma and a Certified Wine Educator credential. A certified French Wine Scholar, Italian Wine Professional, and Certified Specialist of Spirits, Glancy has earned the credential for every program he teaches, and more. He taught wine and business management at Le Cordon Bleu’s California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, and served on the editorial board of Sommelier Journal. He currently sits on the board of directors for the Society of Wine Educators.

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Somm Essentials - Beyond Wine: Coffee, Tea & Water with David Glancy MS
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