Discussion On One of Italy’s Most Exciting DOCs
With Andrea Bottarel, Luca Formentini, Nunzio Ghiraldi, Susannah Gold
Wednesday Apr 29 2020


Tired of being in lockdown mode? Travel with us as we take a virtual trip to Italy and explore the beautiful Lugana DOC.

We will be joined by the Director of the Consortium, two of the area’s top producers and Lugana DOC's US brand Ambassador. Participants will have an exclusive opportunity to learn more about the region’s viticulture, winemaking and marketing from industry insiders. 

Don’t miss this chance to learn first hand. Perfect for students studying toward the IWS qualification or for anyone interested in learning more about some of Italy’s most exciting wines! Those of you lucky enough to get your hands on a bottle of Lugana liquid gold are welcome to taste along with us! 

Meet The Panel:   

  • Andrea Eby - WSG Italian Wine Programs Coordinator
  • Andrea Bottarel - Director of the Consorizo Tutela Lugana DOC
  • Luca Formentini - Selva Capuzza
  • Nunzio Ghiraldi - Azienda Agricola Nunzio Ghiraldi
  • Susannah Gold - Lugana Brand Ambassador 

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