The New French Wine Marketing

21st Century Practices
With Evelyne Resnick PhD
Tuesday Dec 14 2021


The French wine business evolved a lot over the last 20 years. Younger wine producers, younger consumers, and new technologies in communication and marketing opened up new ways of communicating with the consumers and marketing the wines.

Digitastings, alliances between winemakers and influencers, sophisticated use of social media, and even NFTs are the top subjects talked about at the moment. But wine producers wisely keep thinking about issues such as sustainability and climate change, adapting their packaging and communication to address those topics.

Presenter: Evelyne Resnick, PhD

Evelyne Resnick is a wine researcher and author. She has over 25 years of experience in the wine business as the co-founder and managing partner of an international digital agency specializing in fine wines and spirits. She authored several books in French and English on international wine marketing. She shares her time between America and France. She holds a PhD from the Sorbonne (Paris, France).

The New French Wine Marketing with Evelyne Resnick, Ph.D
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