The History of Barolo

From the 1860s to Today
With Tom Hyland
Wednesday Jun 29 2022 5:00 pm BST


This WSG Live will follow the history of Barolo from the 1860s through the latest innovations and viticultural practices of today. As there have been more changes in the last fifty years than in the first one hundred, much of the webinar will concentrate on the period from the 1970s until current times.

Specific topics covered will include changes in viticultural practices (e.g. Barolo Boys), a more precise definition of the boundaries of the Barolo zone, including particular vineyards (MGA), and the recent emphasis on single-vineyard offerings of Barolo.

Presenter: Tom Hyland

Chicago-based Tom Hyland is a freelance writer, educator and photographer specializing in the wines of Italy. He has been traveling to Piedmont since 2000 and has visited dozens of Barolo producers in their cellars and vineyards. He has written about Barolo for two decades, with articles published in Decanter, Wine Spectator and He is the author of three books on wine, including The Wines and Foods of Piemonte, published in 2016. 

The History of Barolo with Tom Hyland
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