Wines of the Balkans, Part 2

On the Crossroad Between East and West
Wednesday Oct 19 2022 5:00 pm BST


In this second part of the webinar dedicated to the wines of the Balkans, we are going to cover the countries which we couldn’t cover in part 1: Croatia, Slovenia, Greece and European Turkey. A fascinating journey in one of the last zones in Europe still partly undiscovered and unveiled where ancient traditions and deep-rooted wine culture melt with modern, terroir-driven winemaking. 

Presenter: Nicolettta Dicova

Born in Bulgaria and educated in Italy, Nicoletta holds a Master's degree in winemaking and wine marketing from the University of Piacenza, Italy.  She is also currently enrolled in the Master of Wine Program as a stage 2 student. Deeply passionate about wine, in particular artisan and natural wines, she has travelled extensively to wine regions, especially in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus area. Nicoletta works as an independent wine educator and communicator, is a guest professor at the University of Gastronomic Sciences, a Cava Certified Educator and a VDP Ambassador.

She lives on a permaculture farm in Tuscany (San Donato in Bellaria, Chianni) together with her husband and 2 children, expecting that the vineyard they planted together will bear its first fruits. Nicoletta is currently busy with work on the Balkan Wine Academy project, a platform aimed in providing education and wine tours to the Balkans. It is expected to be launched in the Fall of 2022. She is also studying to get French Wine Scholar credentials.

Watch Wines of the Balkans, Part 1 here 

On the Crossroad Between East and West; The wines of the Balkans,  Part 2 with Nicoletta Dicova