Three Hurdles Limiting your Wine Aroma Description Skills

and How to Overcome Them
With Isabelle Lesschaeve, PhD
Wednesday Mar 15 2023 5:00 pm CET


Have you ever struggled to find words to describe wine aromatics? Being able to associate a name with an aromatic sensation is not innate. It's a learned skill, but so challenging to acquire. 
This webinar reviews the main reasons for this challenge: your olfactive sensitivity, cultural upbringing, and a lack of appropriate practice.
You will learn the basics of wine aroma description and how to include simple practices in your day-to-day so that you can improve your wine-tasting notes and better communicate your wine evaluation to others.

Presenter:  Dr. Isabelle Lesschaeve, PhD

Dr. Isabelle Lesschaeve is a sensory and consumer scientist with 30+ years of experience. She is the Founder and Principal of InnoVinum Academy, an online platform dedicated to demystifying wine-tasting rituals. 
Isabelle teaches and coaches serious wine lovers to sharpen their tasting skills using a proven sensory science framework. The Wine Aroma Wheel is one of her favorite tools to guide beginners in describing their wine sensory experiences.
She earned her Ph.D. in Food Science, specializing in Sensory Science, from the University of Burgundy, France. 
Isabelle is the author and co-authors of more than 50 peer-reviewed scientific articles and book chapters and was a guest speaker at major symposiums, including the International Cool Climate Symposium, the Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference, the Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium, and SenseAsia.

Three Hurdles Limiting your Wine Aroma Description Skills and How to Overcome Them with Isabelle Lesschaeve, PhD