Investing in Wine: What's Next?

With Liz Dowty Mitchell
Wednesday May 10 2023 5:00 pm BST


The wine investing industry is rapidly evolving. Blink, and you might miss it! Stay up to date on the latest news and insights with what’s next for wine investing?  Presented by Vinovest Head of Wine, Liz Dowty Mitchell, we will take a deep dive into the hottest trends shaping the world of wine investing.

Presenter:  Liz Dowty Mitchell 

New Orleans native Liz Dowty Mitchell began her hospitality and wine career at The Wine Loft and the Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group. She has devoted the last 20 years to learning everything she can about wine, traveling to the major wine-producing regions of the world, and working in all aspects of the industry, including wine bars, fine wine shops, restaurants, wine distributors, and importers.

Throughout her professional career, she has remained active in the sommelier community, including the highest achievement of completing all three portions of the Master Sommelier Diploma. Liz has also competed in and won various national sommelier competitions over the years and been a judge, speaker, and participant in many of the premier wine festivals throughout the country. When Liz is not “working,” you can find her spending time with her family and enjoying her beloved city of New Orleans. Currently, Liz is the Head of Wine at Vinovest where she serves as an in-house expert and educator.

Investing in Wine: What's Next?