Cultured vs Indigenous

Cultured vs Indigenous
With Christy Canterbury MW
Tuesday Oct 15 2013


Every wine lover knows that basic, yet critical, equation: Yeast + Sugar = Alcohol (Ethanol) + CO2. Without the Saccharomyces cerevisiae fungi, we’d only have fruit juice. Within this species, hundreds of strains exist. Some evolve naturally; laboratories select and breed others. Different yeasts produce many different results, from how quickly a vessel ferments to the final wine’s flavor expression. Take as one extreme example the film-forming yeast flor. And, of course, the tricky Brettanomyces are also in the yeast family. Join this webinar to explore the vast world of yeast types and how they may improve or spoil wine.

Presenter: Christy CanterburryMW

Christy Canterbury is one of twenty-nine US Masters of Wine. She is a journalist, public speaker and judge based in Manhattan.

Christy’s articles have been published in Decanter, Wine Enthusiast, Food Arts, Sommelier Journal, Beverage Media, TASTED and on Snooth, and several other blogs, including her own. Christy is the Consulting Editor of the recently released book, Rock & Vine, and the Italy Editor for the Professional Wine Reference.

Her recent public speaking appearances include VinExpo, the European Wine Bloggers’ Conference, the Hong Kong Interntional Wine & Spirits Fair, the Women in Wine Leadership Symposium and TEXSOM.

Prior to going independent, Christy was the Global Beverage Director for Culinary Concepts by Jean-Georges Vongerichten and the National Wine Director for Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group. In retail, she sourced wines from within and outside Italy for Italian Wine Merchants.

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