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WSG is the leader in specialized wine certifications and wine training programs for companies and groups. We have successfully certified thousands of team members at retailers, importers, distributors, wine producers as well as enthusiasts in wine clubs and tasting groups with our industry-recognized programs.

Knowledge is power and WSG will take your organization to the next level with our online or in-person training options. We have a proven track record empowering teams like yours with the knowledge necessary to perform and succeed in today's competitive climate.

Our Corporate & Group Sales Team will help you find a solution that suits your organization, timeframe and budget. From off-the-rack to fully customized certification programs, wine courses, or group membership plans, we are here to help! Our group and corporate pricing on certification programs, wine courses and membership offers generous discounts off of our student retail prices.

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Invest in Your Team

With three distict levels of study, unlock the full potential of your team with our comprehensive certification programs, offering expert-led training for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge.

Essentials Programs

WSG Essentials programs offer students a stepping stone towards professional certifications and a first immersion in the wine country of their choice. 

These programs are designed specially for customer-facing team members who require specialized knowledge in a particular region, but who may not have the time or budget to delve into a Scholar or Masters program. There are no prerequisites for these programs. Your team is in for a virtual and cultural journey to the country in question, all while they gain proficiency in the major wine-making regions, grape varieties and wine styles.

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Scholar Programs

Our Wine Scholar® certification programs offer professional and serious enthusiasts the opportunity to specialize in the wine country of their choice. These advanced wine education programs provides current, accurate and in-depth information on the wines France, Italy and Spain.

They are designed for advanced students of wine whether professionals or serious wine hobbyists. Our Scholar programs are suited to customer-facing sales staff, food & beverage managers, leadership team members, buyers, wine educators, wine specialists and more. Individuals who follow these in-depth programs and pass the exam earn the French, Italian or Spanish Wine Scholar title and corresponding post-nominal, which may be incorporated into a professional signature.

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Masters Programs

Learn from Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers and award winning authors and area experts. Study online with up-to-date study materials and exciting on-demand lectures. 

Our Masters programs are designed for those who require highly specialized knowledge of the history, business, cultural, viticultural and winemaking factors that make up these modern-day wine regions.

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WSG Membership

In addition to our wine courses and programs, we offer the leading wine membership program on the market. Give your team the gift of life-long learning!

Our annual membership allows your organization to keep its finger on the pulse of the industry and meet the key players through live webinars, our extensive database of recorded content and our community platform. It provides wine professionals, enthusiasts, wine clubs and all students of wine with a wealth of resources and benefits to help them expand their wine knowledge. Generous group and corporate discounts are available. Enquire today! Email us at with any questions. 

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Request our corporate and group training brochure today!

Or email us at with any questions. We have special discounted rates depending on group size.