Live Webinars

Mac & PC users:

There are two ways to join a live webinar:

  1. Clicking the meeting/webinar URL and joining via your web browser:

    If your default browser does not seem to manage to launch the meeting room, copy the meeting URL and open an alternate browser. Paste the meeting URL in this other browser and hit enter. Changing browser often solves the problem. If not, consider option 2 below.

  2. Using the Adobe Connect desktop application

Live webinars can also be accessed through the can also Adobe Connect desktop application which can be downloaded here:

After downloading and installing the desktop/software version of Adobe Connect, open the Adobe Connect software on your PC or Mac like you would open any software. When prompted, copy and paste the full meeting URL. It will look somthing like

Tablet & Smart Phone users:

Go to your phone's App store and download the free "Adobe Connect Mobile" app.

Launch the app and enter the full meeting URL. It will look somthing like

E-learning Modules & Quizzes

Sometimes, students go straight to to schedule a WSG exam. If doing so, you will NOT find the exam you are trying to schedule. Please follow these steps to schedule your exam:

  • Log into your WSG account from our website
  • Click on the link that corresponds to your exam
  • Read instructions carefully at Step 1
  • Click on the link ‘CLICK HERE to Schedule Your Exam at Step 2
  • Follow the onscreen instructions

Students often report being blocked on a quiz question and unable to proceed to the next. There are generally two possible reasons:

  1. Drag and drop questions:

    Some students are simply confused by drag and drop questions and don't know what to do... Simply drag each right-side element against the corresponding left side element. Once all right-side elements are leaning against a left element, the quiz question can be submitted.
  2. "You must scroll to the bottom before submitting" prompt:

We have done our best to fix any quiz that might be promting the message above on some quiz questions. If you are still getting such a promt:

  • Please report it with the quiz name and question number so we can fix the quiz
  • If you see a scroll bar to the right of the answer options, please use your mouse to scroll this bar all the way down and then you should be able to submit.

Also note that this behaviour generally only appears when e-learning modules and/or quizzes are being played in their HTML5 vs Flash version. The HTML5 version, initially developped by e-learning software companies as a solution to many smart phones and tablets not accepting Flash. Unfortunately, at this stage, the HTML5 version is not as stable as the Flash version of the modules/quizzes.

To ensure the best experience, follow the steps in the "I want to play modules and quizzes in FLASH" Q&A question below.

Have a different question? Feel free to contact us.