Rhône Master-Level Program


A comprehensive study and certificate program on the wines of the Rhône Valley


The Rhône Master-Level program is an official course of study designed for wine trade. It has been created by the Wine Scholar Guild and is endorsed by Inter-Rhône.


The program has been created jointly by the Wine Scholar Guild and lead instructor Roger Bohmrich, Master of Wine.


Your moderator and program coordinator will be Lisa M. Airey, CWE, FWS, Education Director, Wine Scholar Guild and InterRhône Accredited Rhône Instructor.



The Rhône Master-Level Certificate Program is now available on-demand.


Explore Rhône Valley wines from the comfort of your own office or home. This is the Rhône Valley as you’ve never seen it presented!


The online study package includes:


alt- Preparatory reading assignments, online study modules and review quiz
- Eleven recorded lectures by lead instructor,Roger Bohmrich, MW
- A copy of Rhône Master-Level Study Manual

- Reading and tasting assignments to accompany each lecture

- Online review quizzes


- Access to instructors via the Q&A forum
- Optional immersion trip to the Rhône in October of 2015 (Additional fees apply.)
- Online, proctored exam sit





This is, in scope and design, the most comprehensive wine study program on Rhône Valley wines bar none.


Through this program, students will acquire a profound knowledge of the region and develop a greater sensory understanding of its wines.


A passing score of 75 on the final exam validates mastery of the course content. This exam can be taken online. For proctoring purposes, you will need access to a computer equipped with microphone and webcam.


Students have a full-calendar year of access to the online study materials and a full year within which they may sit for the exam.



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Why study the Rhône?

Rhône Master-Level Manual

The Rhône is France’s second largest producer of AOC wines (after Bordeaux). Its viticultural history dates back to the Romans who sculpted its terraced topography and introduced the vine.

The river itself links to the Rhine, Seine and Loire through a network of canals and waterways effectively connecting the Mediterranean with the rest of northern Europe. As a principal trade route, this region has long been the cultural nexus between Burgundy and the colder climes to the north and Provence and the warmer regions to the south.

In the Rhône, a continental climate meets up with a Mediterranean one and this collision of north and south finds manifest expression in the local food culture. Lyon is the culinary heart of France. Here the cuisine au beurre (butter) mixes with the cuisine à l’huile (olive oil). There are more Michelin-starred restaurants in this French city than in any other (outside of Paris)!

It is in the Rhône where east also meets west. The granite and schist of the Massif Central (west) collide with the sedimentary soils of the Alps and its foothills (east).

The wines of this region are as powerful as the geology, topography and cultural history that has shaped it. The wines themselves are living legacies. There is no place like Rhône.




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