Modern Tokaji - From Sweet to Dry?

With Wojciech Bońkowski MW
Wednesday Mar 6 2024 6:00 pm CET


Tokaj was the first region to classify its vineyards in the distant 17th century, and later forged an enviable reputation for its sweet, botrytised Aszú wines… which are now all but forgotten. Can this outstanding volcanic, cool-climate terroir reinvent itself with dry wines based on the region’s signature grape, Furmint? Wojciech Bońkowski, who wrote his MW Research Paper on a dry wine-driven reclassification of the vineyards, will discuss the current market and structural challenges for Hungary’s easternmost wine region, and provide an overview of the current production panorama, including the traditional sweet wine pyramid as well as latest developments in dry wine production. 

About Wojciech:

Wojciech Bońkowski is a wine writer from Poland, author of eight wine books, cofounder of Poland’s leading wine media: the Winicjatywa website and Ferment printed magazine. 

He specialises in the wines of Italy, Greece, Central Europe, Champagne, and fortified wines. 

He regularly contributes to Meininger’s Wine Business International,, Club Oenologique, Falstaff, and is a panel chair at Decanter World Wine Awards and judge at 50 Great Greek Wines. He was President of the Polish Wine Trade Association in 2016–22, and in 2023 became Poland’s first Master of Wine.

Modern Tokaji - From Sweet to Dry?