Essence & Elaboration
With Hoke Harden
Tuesday Jun 12 2012


A brief, informative high-level review of the entire process of creating the world's most iconic brandy, Cognac, led by a B.N.I.C. Certified Cognac Educator, Hoke Harden. 

You will explore the oenology, the terroir, fermentation, distillation, and the ageing, maturation and blending processes that culminate in one of the most treasured of spirits.


An enthusiastic lover of wine and spirits, Hoke Harden left a career in academia to follow his other muse for the last 35 years, trekking around the world to the great producing regions. Recently referred to as a veritable walking omnibus of wine and spirits knowledge, he has experienced every possible facet of the world of wine and spirits as a retailer, restaurateur, bartender, buyer, wholesaler, supplier, marketer, critic, writer, competition judge and an educator.

He is currently with Elixir Vitae Wine & Spirits Consultants, the Taste & Compare Academy of Wine, Spirits and Food in Portland OR, a writer and blogger, a member of the Society of Wine Educators, Wine & Spirits Instructor at Mt. Hood Community College, a Master Instructor with the French Wine Academy and a B.N.I.C. Certified Cognac Educator.


Cognac: Essence and Elaboration with Hoke Harden CSW, CSS