Bordeaux Who's Who

Great Minds, Past & Present
With Fanny Darrieussecq
Thursday Oct 19 2017


The allure and legacy of Bordeaux is legend. It has enjoyed centuries of success, not only because of a gifted terroir but also because of the uncanny business sense of its producers.

Never resting on its laurels, the region has maintained its spotlight within the world of wine and established itself as cutting-edge and avante garde within the realm of viti/vini research (University of Bordeaux) and sales/marketing (VinExpo and the new Cité du Vin).

Whose minds have contributed to and maintained this intellectual ferment? Join us and find out who’s who…both past and present!

Presenter: Fanny Darrieussecq

Certified from the prestigious OIV’s (Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin) Master of Science (MSc.) in Wine Management, Fanny travelled around the world discovering not only terroirs but also the men and women who make the wine in the “Old World’ as well as in the “New World”.

After 8 months of experience in Chile, she did short courses at UC Davis in the USA, Geisenheim’s Viticultural Research Center in Germany, Bordeaux and Dijon Oenology Universities in France. She spent the following year visiting most of the wine-producing countries in the world and at the end decided to settle in Spain where she became the Sales Manager for Bodegas Piedemonte, an important winery in Navarra.

The ten years spent at this position has giving her the possibility to analyse and build a strong network of importers and distributors in traditional consuming markets such as UK, Germany, USA, Japan and also from emerging markets such as Brazil, China and South-Eastern Asia.

Bordeaux Who's Who with Fanny Darrieussecq