How Cork Became the World's Leading Wine Stopper

Cork: A Closure for the Ages
With Jane Masters MW
Wednesday Jul 6 2022 6:00 pm CEST


A look into the history and production process of natural Cork and its place as the wine industry’s preeminent closure. 

This webinar will focus on the intrinsic natural qualities of cork from ancient times to the modern era. Come explore Portugal’s UNESCO-nominated cork forests, learn about the inherent sustainability of cork production, and the carbon-negative impact cork has on the environment.

Presenter: Jane Masters MW

Jane Masters is an independent Wine Business Consultant, Master of Wine, Oenologist, and an MBA from the London Business School. She has extensive experience in the international wine trade and a strong interest in building sustainability into the wine business strategy by working with a range of international clients. 

She has been actively involved in the prestigious Institute of Masters of Wine as a member of its governing council and served as Chairman from 2016-18.   Currently, she is a founding member of the Institute’s Sustainability Committee and organizes the IMW Sustainability webinar series.

Jane originally trained as a winemaker at the Institute of Oenology in Bordeaux and worked in wine production in France followed by 13 years in the wine buying team at Marks & Spencer ultimately running the Wine & Drinks Category.  She has been working as an independent consultant in Mastering Wine for over fifteen years. 

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A Closure for the Ages: How Cork Became the World's Leading Wine Stopper with Jane Masters, MW