Alto Adige

The Wines of Alto Adige with Nancy Gilchrist, MW

Summary:  Alto Adige is a land of spectacular contrast and diversity. Positioned in northeast Italy, on the sunny side of the Alps, it is an area where men and mountains have met for centuries. It is a frontier region; not just politically but geographically, climatically, and viticulturally. Winemaking here requires a special skill set. Vineyards are planted from 200m to 1000m and experience huge diurnal swings in temperature, while alpine

The Wines of Alto Adige/Südtirol with May Matta-Aliah

Summary:  Two languages spoken side by side is only one of the many unique characteristics of this stunning wine region, formerly a part of Austria, and since 1919, a part of Italy. Today it embraces the best of both cultures and languages but identifies as purely South Tyrolean. Nestled in the northeastern part of the country, in the shadow of the dramatic Dolomite Mountain peaks, Italy’s northernmost wine