On the Crossroad Between East and West; The wines of the Balkans, Part 2 with Nicoletta Dicova

Summary:  In this second part of the webinar dedicated to the wines of the Balkans, we are going to cover the countries which we couldn’t cover in part 1: Croatia, Slovenia, Greece and European Turkey. A fascinating journey in one of the last zones in Europe still partly undiscovered and unveiled where ancient traditions and deep-rooted wine culture melt with modern, terroir-driven

On the Crossroad Between East and West: the Balkans with Nicoletta Dicova

Summary: The Balkans, a colorful mosaic and a melting pot of cultures, languages, ethnicities, ancient indigenous grapes and fascinating terroirs are perhaps among the very few areas in Europe still holding the allure of mystery of the undiscovered, the exotic, the unknown.Join us in this introductory WSG Live on the wines from the Balkans providing an overview of the different countries