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Getting to Know Sweet Bordeaux with Deborah Parker Wong

Summary:  Beyond Sauternes and Barsac there are eight AOPs for Sweet Bordeaux that frame the Garonne river. Although these AOPs are neighbors, their climatic and geologic nuances result in a complex range of expressions and wine styles from Semillon, Sauvignon, and Muscadelle. Deborah will be presenting the following wines/AOPs geographically starting with the Moelleux which can be

Serving Sparkling, Fortified & Dessert Wines with Matt Stamp MS

Summary:  What is the proper way to store and serve sparkling wines, fortified wines or dessert wines? Plus, once you have them in the cellar, what is the best way to recommend and sell these wines? Master Sommelier, Matt Stamp, will lead us through the proper serving techniques for these special wines. Presenter: Matt Stamp MS Matt Stamp learned the wine and restaurant trade in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, where he managed V. Mertz, a local fine-dining