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Demystifying Winemaking : Part 3: Everything Else You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask! with Nova Cadamatre

Summary:  We have finally reached part 3 of our winemaking series with Nova Cadamatre MW.  In this final webinar, Nova will go over the general production methods of Sparkling and Fortified wines including traditional method sparkling, tank sparkling, and different fortification timings and age factors that influence the final style of wine.  It is ideal that either part 1, part 2 or ideally both have been watched before watching this webinar because this will build on the

Fortified Wines from Around the World with Guilherme Marques Martins, PhD

Summary:  After a first webinar earlier this year on the vins doux naturels of France, Guilherme will focus this time on the fortified wines from the rest of the world with a focus on Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and New World (i.e. South Africa, USA, Australia). He will explain them in their historical

Madeira – A Sub-Tropical Idyll That Harbours The World’s Most Versatile Fortified Wine with Simon J Woolf

Summary: Fortified wines such as port, sherry or marsala are slipping out of fashion. It’s no different with Madeira, but this highly food-friendly beverage deserves your attention. Madeira is unique in its exceptional acidity and freshness, and also in its ability to age. No other wine has the ability to start showing its fruit at its best when 100 years old. We’ll talk about this Portuguese island – where it is, and why the terrain

Marsala, the Great Forgotten with Tommasella Perniciaro, DipWSET

Summary:  For many years the area around Marsala has been producing a fortified wine that enchanted the English merchants landing on the western coast of Sicily in the XIX century. This wine was sold around the globe gaining the same reputation as the well-known Port, Sherry and Madeira wines. Unfortunately, its big success and the large-scale production undermined its reputation, converting it into a wine often associated with low quality and price. But thanks to stubborn

Serving Sparkling, Fortified & Dessert Wines with Matt Stamp MS

Summary:  What is the proper way to store and serve sparkling wines, fortified wines or dessert wines? Plus, once you have them in the cellar, what is the best way to recommend and sell these wines? Master Sommelier, Matt Stamp, will lead us through the proper serving techniques for these special wines. Presenter: Matt Stamp MS Matt Stamp learned the wine and restaurant trade in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, where he managed V. Mertz, a local fine-dining

The World of French Fortified Wines with Guilherme Marques Martins, PhD

Summary:  What is fortified wine? Our presenter will answer this question, along with providing a historical and geographic context. Guilherme will present the winemaking principles associated with fortified wines, with a particular emphasis on French fortified wines, inclusive of their terroir, appellations, vinification methods and ageing method. Specifically, he will cover Vins Doux Naturels from the Rhne Valley, Corsica, Languedoc and Roussillon as well as Vins