Gabriel Lepousez

The Neuroscience of Wine Tasting: How the Brain Makes Sense of Wine Sensory Attributes with Gabriel Lepousez

Summary:  Your brain —and all its sensory extensions in our eyes, nose and mouth— is your essential “tool” to perceive, remember and judge all the sensory components of wine. But do you really know how your wine-tasting “tool” works? Current advances in neuroscience are profoundly modifying our knowledge of the sensory and cognitive mechanisms of wine tasting and invite us to revisit the art of tasting. Bridging the gap between oenology, psychology and neurophysiology,

The Science of Wine Tasting - Bridging Enology to Perception

Summary:  Wine tasting is an unique perceptual experience which endeavors to unify the numerous molecules present in the wine (and the elements around the wine) into a meaningful representation in our mind. Wine tasting often focuses on the object of the experience, that is