Louis Barruol

Meeting of the Minds: Typicity

Meeting of the Minds: The Notion of Typicity

Summary  Typicity is one of the most contentious topics in wine.  For some, it is a crystallisation of tradition and the communal incarnation of terroir, meaning that perfect typicity would be one of the highest wine goals.  For others, it is no more than a straitjacket which excludes innovation and creativity, and locks certain wine styles into immutable rigidity.  Who’s right?  Where do we go from here?  Should typicity ever be prescriptive?  Or should

WSG Live: Andrew Jefford hosts Louis Barruol

Summary: WSG Academic Advisor Andrew Jefford welcomes Gigondas appellation President and leading winegrower Louis Barruol of Chateau de Saint Cosme to the latest in our Wine Scholar Guild Live series: an hour of discussion with leading figures in today's wine world.  In addition to his groundbreaking work in Gigondas, Louis also knows the length of the Rhone very well via his 'St Cosme' micro-negociant wines -- and he has partnered with Rick Rainey and Justin Boyette to create