Michelle Bouffard

Meeting of the Minds: Climate Change

Summary:  No topic matters more for the future of wine than climate change.  Will the world’s great wine terroirs be lost?  Can we save them, and mitigate the effects of climate change? By intervention, irrigation and regenerative farming?  Is it time for all wine regions to explore alternative varieties?  Will wine growing in general move up-latitude or up-altitude?  Is the era of glass bottles ending?  Listen to and engage with our panel as they tackle these and other

The Wines of Tomorrow: As Told by Those Paving the Way

Summary: Michelle Bouffard takes you along to meet the key players, thinkers and innovators who are redefining wine as we know it.  Tradition, climate change, economics, trends and innovation collide in insightful one-hour discussions with the leading wine personalities of tomorrow. 2023 DATES:June 7 - with Andrea MullineuxOct 11 - details to followDec 6 - details to follow Host: Michelle

Uncorked with Michelle Bouffard

Meet Michelle Bouffard, Founder of Tasting Climate Change. Save the date for June 5! Michelle will be hosting Andrea Mullineux on the first epsiode of Wines of Tomorrow, learn more here. About Uncorked With... Uncorked With... rapid-fire questions asked to your favorite leading wine-world personalities!
Wine's Water Dilemma

Wine's Water Dilemma

Summary: 83% of the World’s vineyards are irrigated. With drought being a growing concern in many regions of the world and the projected increase in population, water resources for wine production is likely to be limited. How sustainable is it to irrigate and which measures can be taken by producers to reduce water usage in the vineyard and the winery? Michelle Bouffard, founder of Tasting Climate Change, shares the available solutions for a