Minerality in Wine with Alex Maltman

Summary: Minerality is now the single most widely used wine descriptor, yet its meaning remains elusive. Are we talking about a smell, a mouthfeel, a taste, or what? Does it depend on the grape varietal or wine style? It’s all very debatable, and in this webinar I will summarise studies illustrating how opinions vary.There are various suggestions on what may be prompting minerality but many commentators invoke a

The Evolution of ‘Minerality’ in Wine Tasting with Justin Martindale, MW

Summary:  This seminar explores the history, evolution and application of ‘minerality’ in wine tasting notes. In the rich lexicon of wine terms that have developed in the modern era, few have proved more important, and more divisive, than this one. Justin conducted a content analysis of more than 20,000 tasting notes published in the UK’s Decantermagazine from 1976-2019, to chart for the first time the possible origins of the term, how and when

The Many Splendors of Alsace Riesling with Thierry Meyer

Summary:  Get a thorough view of Alsatian Riesling from an expert on Alsace! This grape variety with the highest reputation in Alsace can produce wines with an incredibly wide range of styles, from dry to sweet. This session will also explore the mineral dimensions of all Alsace terroirs. Learn about the supposedly famous and typical petrol aromas, about what is a truly dry Riesling, and discover how a famous producer's Riesling style may be better explained by its distinctive

Wonders of Soil and Wine - Wine Geology Q&A with Alex Maltman

Summary: In this webinar I will address some of the intriguing questions you submitted. Varied they were, but many had a common thread: what is it about a particular soil that is so important for certain wines? I will look at some general ideas about such claims, and then consider some specific examples, such as slate in the Moselle and Priorat, granite and diorite in Beaujolais.What exactly is the difference