Natural Wine

Have Your Say: Natural Wine with Andrew Jefford and Simon J. Woolf

Summary: Did you enjoy reading the Great Debate on Natural Wines by Simon Woolf and Andrew Jefford?  We are following up their written debate with a WSG Live, and encourage participants to share their opinion or ask their questions directly to Simon

Natural wine - exploding the myths with Simon J Woolf

Summary:  It's become one of the hippest and most contentious niches in wine, often poorly understood and derided by the more traditional sectors of the wine trade. But what exactly is natural wine? Is it just fault-ridden hipster juice, cloudy and smelling of cider as some claim?We’ll explore where this movement came from and why winemakers in some parts of the world felt that they had to turn their backs on the

Sulphites in Wine with Simon J. Woolf

Summary: The use of Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), often just referred to as “sulphites”, in winemaking has become a much-debated and even sometimes emotive topic in the 21st century. In the last few decades with the growth of the natural wine movement, excess use – or sometimes any use – of SO2 has become increasingly frowned on. Some wine drinkers even claim they are intolerant to

The Great Debate: Natural Wine with Andrew Jefford and Simon J Woolf

Wine is full of spirited debates, but few can argue that any subject matter generates more intensity these days than natural wine. Should sulphur be allowed or not? Do natural wines reveal terroir better than conventional wines? Has natural wine changed our notion of flaws? Perhaps most controversial of all is the definition of natural wine in the first place. These questions are constantly challenging everyone from wine critics and sommeliers to casual students of wine. We decided to bridge the topic with Wine Scholar Guild’s Academic Advisor and long-time columnist for Decanter and World of Fine Wine, Andrew Jefford, as well as Simon J Woolf, the noted natural-wine writer and author of Amber Revolution: How the World Learned to Love Orange Wine.

The Truth About Natural Wines with Alice Feiring

Summary:  Are natural wines brown and taste like hard cider?  Let's clear up the myths about natural wine; from birth to glass to now.Learn the origins, philosophy and practice of wines made naturally. In this 45-minute overview, you will understand how the wines evolved, how the word spread and how and why they are changing the industry around us.