New World

American Wines with a French Flavor with Evelyne Resnick, PhD

Summary: This is the story of a three-century-long beautiful adventure. France and America have had a long and tumultuous history, starting as early as the 17th Century when they discussed the merits of European vines and native American vines. French emigrants came with their knowledge of grape growing and winemaking, settled in various parts of America

Deep Dive into the South Pacific: Exploring the Wines of Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Summary: Aotearoa is the contemporary Māori language name for New Zealand. Traversing more than 1,100 kilometres (680 miles), from the rainforests of the north, to the alpine plateaus in the south, New Zealand is one of the world’s most alluring wine producing regions. A country of contrasts, a land rich in lore and home to the most southerly vineyards in the world! In this webinar we journey to the

Why Altitude And Genetic Diversity Will Save Wine with Dr Laura Catena

Summary:  Thirty years ago, Nicolás Catena pioneered high-altitude viticulture in Argentina. While searching for elegance and concentration, the Catena family found a strategy that today can be used for combatting climate change: "go higher". Malbec, Argentina’s leading red varietal was in decline and being pulled out.   Today, high-altitude Malbec

WSG CONFIDENTIAL: Andrew Jefford Hosts Elaine Chukan Brown

Summary:  Join WSG Academic Advisor Andrew Jefford as he welcomes Elaine Chukan Brown, Executive Editor US for 

WSG CONFIDENTIAL: Andrew Jefford Hosts Laura Catena

Summary: Join WSG Academic Advisor Andrew Jefford as he talks to Laura Catena, Managing Director of Catena Zapata, one of contemporary Argentina’s most celebrated and innovative wine-creating companies.