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An introduction to Sake – Flavours, Production and Food Pairing with Sarasa Suzuki


Sake or Nihonshu is a Japanese traditional fermented alcoholic beverage made of Japonica rice, rice Koji and water. It is said Sake has more than 3000 years of history with a great depth of craftsmanship associated with microorganisms such as yeasts, lactic acid bacteria and Koji mold. In this webinar, we will discover the diversity of Flavours related with its production method, as well as fun food pairing tips!

Presenter: Sarasa Suzuki

Co-founder and

Fortified Wines from Around the World with Guilherme Marques Martins, PhD


After a first webinar earlier this year on the vins doux naturels of France, Guilherme will focus this time on the fortified wines from the rest of the world with a focus on Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and New World (i.e. South Africa, USA, Australia).
He will explain them in their historical

On the Crossroad Between East and West; The wines of the Balkans, Part 2 with Nicoletta Dicova


In this second part of the webinar dedicated to the wines of the Balkans, we are going to cover the countries which we couldn’t cover in part 1: Croatia, Slovenia, Greece and European Turkey. A fascinating journey in one of the last zones in Europe still partly undiscovered and unveiled where ancient traditions and deep-rooted wine culture melt with modern, terroir-driven

Pinot Noir: France's Great Grape - At Home in California with Karen MacNeil


A look at the rising star status of Pinot Noir in California including top regions, clones and styles.

Presenter: Karen MacNeil

Karen MacNeil is the President of Karen MacNeil and Company and one of the foremost wine experts in the United States. She is the author of the award-winning book, The Wine Bible, recognized as the most comprehensive and authoritative book on wine written by an American

Sake and Food: Molecular Harmonies with Francois Chartier


Sake has become the wine lovers' and sommeliers' new experience with the rise of new sake styles and as a new pairing with food. 

François Chartier, master blender of the sake project Tanaka 1789 X Chartier, will share his knowledge on the different sake profiles and will link them to his groundbreaking Molecular Harmonies science of aromatic matching with world cuisines. This webinar is ideal for sommeliers and chefs, as for waitstaff, distributor sales

The Ancient Wines of Lebanon with Vitalii Dascaliuc


Lebanon is home to one of the oldest wine cultures in the world that can be traced as far back as 7000 years ago. Ancient Phoenicians had a well-developed wine industry and were spreading the knowledge of winemaking all throughout the Mediterranean. But how much of those ancient origins can be seen in the modern Lebanese wines?

Currently there is a renaissance happening in the Lebanese wine world. Ancestral grapes and winemaking techniques that were long

The Challenges of Wine Growing in China: Extreme Viticulture with Fongyee Walker, Master of Wine


From the climate to legislation, from equipment to personnel, growing and making wine in China has unique challenges to overcome.  This webinar will delve into the  trials and rewards of producing great wine in China, looking at 5 of the major growing regions, while outlining the history of viticulture in China and throwing light on the position that grape wine holds in Chinese culture both now and in the past.

Presenter: Fongyee Walker MW


The Wines of Bulgaria: From Antiquity till Modern Times


Join us for an introduction to the wines of Bulgaria, with its over 6000 years of wine making history. We will start at the beginning with the rich ancient wine heritage and move towards the modern day, touching on topics such as the main wine regions, the most widely planted grapes, and interesting indigenous varieties. Once a country associated with cheap bulk-wine production for the export market, Bulgaria has

Where to now for South African Wine with Heidi Duminy


The South African wine industry is facing their biggest challenge in over three centuries after the devastating effects of complete prohibition in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, yet the rising quality and reputation of their wines, together with the tenacity of the farmers and producers has inspired a wave of support from the global wine community in recent months.

It's been a long road from. the

Why Altitude And Genetic Diversity Will Save Wine with Dr Laura Catena


Thirty years ago, Nicolás Catena pioneered high-altitude viticulture in Argentina.

While searching for elegance and concentration, the Catena family found a strategy that today can be used for combatting climate change: "go higher". Malbec, Argentina’s leading red varietal was in decline and being pulled out.  

Today, high-altitude Malbec

Wines of the Dão – a land of ancient vineyards, mountains and classical reds by Simon Woolf


Portugal’s more northerly Douro region tends to hog the limelight, but the wilder and more barren Dão has many vinuous secrets to offer wine lovers.

Once lumped together with Bairrada (the Portuguese still refer to both together as “Beira”), the Dão has its own unique signature. Home to Portugal’s highest mountain, the Serra da Estrela, it’s a mountainous and depopulated region