Pairing cheese and wine

How to Pair Spanish Tapas and Wine

There is a man in Logroño’s Calle Laurel who makes garlic mushrooms. It’s the one and only thing on the menu, not that there is a menu. Griddled mushrooms, served on toast, drowning in garlic butter with a small slice of prawn on top. They are miraculous. I think about him and this bar often, as I lurch between life crises, as I think he may possibly have discovered the ultimate secret to a life of happiness and contentment. For me, this dish in this place is

Wine and Cheese: A Holistic View of Pairings that Work… and Those That Don’t with Evan Goldstein MS

Summary:  Pairing wine and cheese together, without taking a deep dive into the subject matter, can be dangerous. In this ultimate cheese and wine pairing exercise, explore cheese styles and the wines that pair with them (and don’t) in this interactive session with Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein. We recommend that you bring along the following optional wines and cheeses with you to the