Paul Wagner

A Short History of Portugal in 11 Glasses of Wine with Paul Wagner

Summary:  Most wine presentations focus on viticulture and enology, but Paul has always maintained that wine is a product of local and regional culture far more than it is of geology and climate.Most people have only a vague idea of Portugal and its culture, and yet it has one of he most fascinating roles in the world of wine.  In this presentation, Paul Wagner traces the roots of the Portuguese wines and ties them to the history of both Portugal and the rest of the

Wines from the Ancient World with Paul Wagner

Summary:  Lisa's Pick: Storytelling at its best... A very heady, historical, and philosophical take on wine’s humble beginnings. Long before history began, wine was an important part of life for those living in the Garden of Eden, the Caucasus and the Fertile Crescent--the cradle of wine in the world. In this seminar, Paul Wagner will take us back to those ancient days, and