Provence wine

Provence: Is there Life beyond Rosé? with Elizabeth Gabay, MW

Summary: Provence is all about rosé. In fact,rosé makes up 90% of Provence's total wine production. Not surprisingly, the economics of rosé is very important. As a wine largely made and sold within the same year,rosé is extremely attractive to producers, especially when the financial outlook is uncertain. Join us as Elizabeth Gabay shares her insights into the economics of the Provence wine

Rosé: Up Close and Technical with Elizabeth Gabay MW

Summary:  Rosé winemaking is not as simple as books would have you believe. In fact, there is a wide range of complex vinification techniques resulting in a wide gamut of wine styles and an even wider range of colors and hues. After a year’s worth of research while writing a book on rosé, Elizabeth Gabay, MW, has found that defining and perfecting