Roger Bohmrich MW

Climate Change and Wine with Roger Bohmrich MW

Summary: Significant changes in global climate may be the most consequential issue for human beings. Climate change refers not simply to rising temperatures but to a highly complex phenomenon whose pathway and effects are difficult to project. Wine provides an ideal laboratory for the study of evolving climatic patterns since there is a potential impact on three levels: the plant, fruit and finished beverage. Changes in temperatures in the 20th century have been

Dissecting the Taste of Wine with Roger Bohmrich MW

Summary:  Taste, or “flavor” in common usage, is a phenomenon of enormous complexity. This seminar presents a simplified understanding of the chemistry of wine flavor. The components of wine aromas and tastes are highly diverse and are derived from three principal origins: the fruit, fermentation and maturation (in wood or another material). Taint and “off flavors” constitute a separate yet related element. Associations and euphemisms of wine-tasting terminology such as

French Oak: Forests, Coopers and Techniques with Roger Bohmrich MW

Summary: French oak is utilized for premium quality white and red wines universally around the globe. This seminar categorizes the species of oak used for barrels and the French forests where oak trees are grown, principally Nevers, Allier, Tronçais, Vosges and Limousin. Leading tonnelleries or cooperage houses are reviewed along with production techniques such as splitting, seasoning and toasting. The importance of wood origin is compared to the cooper’s signature. Common barrel

Nuances of Wine Tasting with Roger Bohmrich MW

Summary:  This session explores strategies and techniques for tasting and is intended to address nuances many may know but often overlook or consider unimportant. The aim is to provide a theoretical template to organize, or participate in, a professional wine tasting. The topics covered are: “Sell or educate – what’s your objective?”; “Control the setting – layouts, mats, lighting,

Organic, Biodynamic and Reasoned Viticulture with Roger Bohmrich MW

Summary:  There is growing worldwide awareness of the need for sustainable viticultural practices. In France, the most widely accepted strategy is termed la lutte raisonnée, a flexible approach implying reduced use of chemicals, yet without specific criteria. Vineyards employing organic cultivation or la culture biologique are increasing yet remain limited as a share of the total. Growers who claim “bio” status on their labels are subject to official standards and certification.

Soil and Wine: What do we really know with Roger Bohmrich MW

Summary: What is the relationship between soil properties and wine characteristics – cause and effect or cause of confusion? There is a broad divide separating scientists from traditional winegrowers. The vital facts concerning soil structure and chemistry are identified and compared to intuitive claims by vignerons. The seminar explores issues such as permeability and aeration and the critical question of water availability to the vine. Key elements including potassium, nitrogen