Navigating A Career in Wine and Spirits with Pam Kindel Connors: A Day in the Life of a Food & Beverage Director, Sommelier, and Wine Director

Summary: A Day in the Life of a Food & Beverage Director, Sommelier, and Wine Director. At the heart of hospitality lies three essential wine & spirits professionals: the food & beverage director, sommelier, and wine director. Although traditionally separate jobs, today’s economy often combines these roles into one position. We will take a deep dive into what a typical day looks like for each position and hear a few

Pascaline Lepeltier: Sommelière Moderne

Pascaline Lepeltier is one of the world’s most respected and modern sommeliers and restaurateurs. Her list of accolades and professional achievements is endless. In 2018, she was the first woman ever to obtain the Meilleure Ouvrière de France in sommellerie (this is a very prestigious award that loosely translates to "best tradesperson of France") and the same year, she was named Best Sommelier of France. 2018 was action-packed for Pascaline as she also featured in popular wine-themed movie Somm 3. 

Proper Wine Service with David Glancy MS

Summary: Learn the Court of Master Sommeliers’ standards for still wine, sparkling wine and decanting service. David Glancy, MS, FWS will demonstrate the techniques, explain them and answer your service questions during this 45-minute webinar. Presenter: David Glancy, Master of Sommelier When one didn’t exist, David Glancy created a Certified Sommelier Program at the Professional Culinary Institute (now known as ICC),

Secrets of the Sommeliers with Rajat Parr MS

Summary:  Join award-winning sommelier and author Rajat Parr, for a fascinating webinar exploring the inside world of sommeliers, sharing their unique perspectives, extensive expertise, and best stories.This session is based on Rajat's book “Secrets of the Sommeliers: How to Think and Drink Like the World's Top Wine Professionals” About the book:

Serving Sparkling, Fortified & Dessert Wines with Matt Stamp MS

Summary:  What is the proper way to store and serve sparkling wines, fortified wines or dessert wines? Plus, once you have them in the cellar, what is the best way to recommend and sell these wines? Master Sommelier, Matt Stamp, will lead us through the proper serving techniques for these special wines. Presenter: Matt Stamp MS Matt Stamp learned the wine and restaurant trade in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, where he managed V. Mertz, a local fine-dining

Somm Essentials - Beyond Wine: Coffee, Tea & Water with David Glancy MS

Summary: There's more to life than wine (gasp!) In this webinar, we will be joined by Master Sommelier, David Glancy, FWS who covers the gamut of beverages in his Somm Essentials program. He will cover the historical developments of water, coffee and tea as well as recent changes in consumer tastes and buying habits. Presenter: David Glancy MS

Sommeliers: Embracing a New Era

“The couple at number 12 wants to see you,” my assistant told me, returning from what I immediately knew was going to reveal itself as a tricky table to please. At the time, I was managing the wine list of a charming modern-British restaurant with rooms in the New Forest, a fairytale-like national park about two hours’ drive southwest of London. The gentleman at number 12 couldn’t believe how a young waiter, wearing a bright pink shirt and a denim tie, could possibly offer him proper guidance on a wine list boasting over 400 entries.  

Tasting Mastery: Learning Best Practices of Top Tasters with Tim Gaiser MS

Summary: With the help of behavioral scientist Tim Hallbom, Tim Gaiser worked to deconstruct his own internal wine-tasting strategies. Gaiser has since taken this experience and expanded it by conducting his own research with other top tasters in the industry. Combining his understanding of wine tasting and behavioral strategies, Tim has unlocked the hidden code of expert wine tasting. Presenter: Tim Gaiser MS Tim Gaiser is an internationally

The Fundamentals for Pairing Wine with Food… and Food with Wine with Evan Goldstein MS

Summary:  The Fundamentals for Pairing Wine with Food… and Food with Wine (AKA what goes with what and why). Is it wine first? Food First? Or does it not matter? The answers are ‘sometimes’, ‘sometimes’ and ‘yes. it does’. Join us on this informative epicurean journey and immerse yourself in the guidelines! Grab a glass of wine of your choice so that when Evan speaks of mapping wines,

Uncorked with Raimonds Tomsons

Meet Raimonds Tomsons, the Best Sommelier of the World, 2023. About Uncorked With... Uncorked With... rapid-fire questions asked to your favorite leading wine-world personalities!

Wine and Cheese: A Holistic View of Pairings that Work… and Those That Don’t with Evan Goldstein MS

Summary:  Pairing wine and cheese together, without taking a deep dive into the subject matter, can be dangerous. In this ultimate cheese and wine pairing exercise, explore cheese styles and the wines that pair with them (and don’t) in this interactive session with Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein. We recommend that you bring along the following optional wines and cheeses with you to the

WSG CONFIDENTIAL: Andrew Jefford Hosts Raimonds Tomsons, World's Best Sommelier 2023

Join WSG Academic Advisor Andrew Jefford as he talks to Raimonds Tomsons, the Best Sommelier of the World, 2023. This year was Tomson's fourth attempt: he first competed as Latvian candidate in 2010 and then again in 2016 (when he came seventh).  Third place in 2019 proved to be the perfect springboard for the first post-Covid competition, which took place in Februrary