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Drink Like a Roman: the Legacy of Ancient Times Through Modern Italian Wines with Tanya Morning Star

Summary:  This WSG Live will explore wine in Ancient Roman society: what it meant to people, what viticulture and winemaking techniques they used, and we will imagine what it tasted like! This webinar will explore examples of ancient grapes and winemaking techniques still in use today to make many modern wines of Italy that are still known today.  Presenter: Tanya Morning Star  Tanya Morning

Heroic Viticulture: Europe's Most Dramatic Vineyards with Tanya Morning Star

Summary:  In this WSG Live, we will explore the great wines of Europe crafted in some of the most intense situations. Appellations such as: Valtellina, the Mosel, the Cinque Terre, Lanzarote, and more! Join us to explore the magical house of cards which allows these wines to exist under such extreme circumstances: terroir conditions, human ingenuity and passion. Discover the serendipity

Orvieto: The Magic and Mystery of the Place and Its Wines with Tanya Morning Star

Summary:  The Orvieto wine-producing region in Umbria is a whole package of beauty, history, cultural richness, and extraordinary wines, a region that sometimes flies under the radar beside its famous neighbors in Tuscany. Orvieto wines were the prize of the renaissance period in Italy, but in recent history, the wines have been better known for deliciously democratic wines led by

The Mystery of the Climats: History, Evolution & Name Origins of Bourgogne's Greatest Vineyards with Tanya Morning Star

Summary: The 1,247 climats of Bourgogne were recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2015, a well-deserved honor! In fact, there is no better illustration of the concept of terroir than its pure expression through the climats of Bourgogne. But wait... what is a climat? How is a climat different from a lieu-dit? This lecture will define the concept, evolution, and name origins of the climats, and explore the 2,000-year-old creative collaboration between nature and

The Wine History of Bordeaux with Tanya Morning Star

Summary:  Bordeaux has been one of the most important ports in all of Europe since Roman times, and it is no surprise that the wines of the area have inspired strategic political alliances, wars, wealth, and are among the old world’s most internationally influenced and sought after. Bordeaux is iconically French, but would not resemble itself without the impact of the English and the Dutch.

The Wine History of Bourgogne with Tanya Morning Star

Summary:  The history of Bourgogne wines is the story of a very specific collaboration, which defines the concept of Terroir.  Join wine historian and Official Bourgogne Ambassador, Tanya Morning Star Darling to explore the Bourgogne region from the ancient, and dramatic geological events which created the soils, and Côtes, to the Romans, the Church, the Dukes, Napoleon, to the thousands of growers and producers that make up the diverse mosaic of wines that is Bourgogne.

The Wine History of France with Tanya Morning Star

Summary:  Wine sits at the heart of French cultural identity.  Against the backdrop of religion, politics, trade, wars, pests, and plagues, wine can always be found playing a roll in the history of France throughout the ages. Using wine as the protagonist, this WSG Live will journey through the arc of French history, from Roman times to the 20th century. Fashion, trends and spiritual and

Umbria, Secret Treasures Revealed with Tanya Morning Star

Summary: Nestled between the Apennine and the Sub Apennine, Umbria is Known as the Green Heart of Italy and is apt, overflowing with extraordinary food and wine traditions! While often overshadowed by its famous, and wealthy neighbor to the West (Tuscany), Umbria has a rich culture in its own right. A place where ancient meets maverick, and tradition meets modernity, Umbria welcomes both international, but

Women in Wine History: Systematic Exclusion, and the Success of Tenacious Women with Tanya Morning Star

Summary:  Wine has, since its discovery in Neolithic times, been one of the most powerful tools at human disposal for alleviating physical and emotional suffering. It is no surprise that wine has also historically been one of the Western Civilization's most important trade commodities, a driving force of culture, politics, war, art, and spirituality. It is therefore only natural that gender politics would play a huge role