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10 Grape Varieties to Understand Italy with Ciro Pirone

Summary:  Travel through Italy's culture, food and wine scene with some of the most beloved grape varietals from North to South. The Italian Ministry of Agriculture's list of registered grape varieties lists 494 although many say there are a lot more! Ciro selected 10 that he believes strongly represent the multi-faceted Italian wine scene and tell

A Short History of France in 9 Glasses of Wine with Paul Wagner

Summary:  While any presentation on wine will focus on regional differences, wine is a product of culture, more than it is of geology. Exploring the world of French wine through the lenses of history, culture, and sociology, Paul Wagner traces the role that they have played in creating the Wines of France we know today and provides participants with a creative and entertaining way to

Beyond Food & Wine Pairing 101: Take Your Tastebuds to the Next Level with Thierry Meyer

Summary: Traditional food and wine pairing recommendations focus on basic wine dimensions such as aromas, acidity, tannins or sweetness. This is sufficient to create a list of standard grape variety wines to match all kinds of dishes, including pasta and pizza. Yet, heavenly food and wine pairing -- the one plus one = three -- goes well beyond this simple approach. To achieve the perfect match and creating memorable associations also requires the consideration of a

Italian Wine – Uno Zero Uno (101) with Alfonso Cevola

Summary:  The Italian wine landscape is beautiful but treacherously complicated. Alfonso Cevola, who writes the “On the wine trail in Italy” blog since 2005 will (virtually) hand out decoder rings to help navigate the wondrous world of Italian wine in this webinar. Presenter: Alfonso

Photosynthesis with Lisa Airey, CWE, FWS

Summary:  The basic principle is that of simple alchemy: the vine turns sunlight into wine. Yet there are a host of variables that impact the production of sugar in the leaf, the translocation of those sugars to the grape and the ripening of the fruit. Several key growing season variables impact sugar production. Learn how clouds, wind and temperature determine “just how sweet is all is”…in the end. Presenter: Lisa Airey Lisa M. Airey, FWS, CWE has

The Key White Grapes of Spain with Lucas Payà

Summary:  Tour through Spain’s greatest white grape varieties and the most important wines they produce. This webinar will present several wines from Spain’s most iconic vineyards, along with their history, terroir, viticulture, vinification and taste profile, and the cultural connection with their regions. Presenter: Lucas Payà Lucas Payà currently

The Science Behind Food and Wine Pairing with Lisa Airey, CWE, FWS

Summary:  Come explore the fundamental principles of food and wine pairing in a webinar that is guaranteed to take you from ingénue to expert in less than 60 minutes!Why does Chateau Haut-So-Good taste oh-so-bad with certain dishes? What cosmic combinations transform ordinary meals into religious experiences?There ARE rules and most are absolute (despite the

Ultimate Intro to Wine with Jessica Bell, DWS, FWS

Summary:  To conclude our introductory webinar series, the FWS welcomes Jessica Bell from the My Wine School! Jessica has designed a course to help you navigate the world of wine with confidence…and all in less than an hour.  The class begins with an introduction to wine and winemaking, then reveals

Vini 101: An Introduction to Vinification with Tracy Kamens

Summary:  As was discussed in Viti 101, wine is a product of many influences, particularly those that happen in the vineyard. However, grape growing is only half the story. In this webinar, we will explore the various practices and procedures that take place once the grapes arrive at the winery such as sorting, crushing, fermentation, must adjustment, winemaking vessels, post-fermentation options and aging. Presenter: Tracy Ellen Kamens, Ed.D., DWS,

Viti 101: An Introduction to Viticulture with Tracy Kamens

Summary: Wine is a product of grapes, but it is just as much a product of the environment in which those grapes are grown. In this webinar, we will explore the important factors that ultimately influence what ends up in your glass, inclusive of climate, soil, vine propagation, planting decisions, farming practices and harvest considerations. Presenter: Tracy Ellen Kamens, Ed.D., DWS, CWE Tracy Ellen Kamens is a wine educator, writer and consultant who currently

Wine Investment 101 with Charles Curtis MW

Summary:  This webinar will provide an introduction to collecting and investing in fine wine, including a short history of wine collecting, an overview of the leading categories of fine wine traded on the secondary market with examples of each, and a discussion of the return on investment over time.  Categories to be discussed will include Bordeaux, red and white Burgundy, the wines of California, the Rhone Valley, Italy,