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Three Hurdles Limiting your Wine Aroma Description Skills and How to Overcome Them with Isabelle Lesschaeve, PhD

Summary: Have you ever struggled to find words to describe wine aromatics? Being able to associate a name with an aromatic sensation is not innate. It's a learned skill, but so challenging to acquire.  This webinar reviews the main reasons for this challenge: your olfactive sensitivity, cultural upbringing, and a lack of appropriate practice. You will learn the

Wine: Commodity or Artisan Product?

Wine Scholar Guild is currently developing a wine tasting diploma with a difference – stay tuned for an announcement in early 2024. This revolutionary course will allow students to take their critical tasting skills to the next level and gain deeper understanding of expression of place and terroir in wine. The course delves deeply into neuroscience and a qualitative approach to wine tasting, with an emphasis on texture and mouthfeel. We consider many elements that are neglected in traditional tasting methodologies, such as energy, vitality, salivation and digestibility. In this article, Simon J. Woolf asks what makes the difference between mass produced commodity wine and artisanal wine that reflects its origins.