wine faults

Brettanomyces with Christy Canterbury MW

Summary: Brettanomyces lays silent, lurking until it finds a substrate. It is hardy and can live with or without oxygen. In wine, it thrives mostly in reds but occasionally in whites. But, it’s not the yeast itself that smells, even though we speak as though it does. It’s actually the yeast’s by-products that get our noses sniffing. How much by-product Brett produces depends on its

How to Recognize and Teach Wine Faults with Tim Gaiser MS

Summary:  Join Master Sommelier Tim Gaiser in a seminar exploring the major wine flaws.  Tim will discuss the causes, effects, and sensory markers for wine flaws including TCA, Brettanomyces, Mercaptan and more. Presenter: Tim Gaiser MS Tim Gaiser is an internationally renowned wine expert and lecturer.  He is one of 240 individuals worldwide to

Premox with Richard Bampfield MW

Premature oxidation of White Burgundy was first noted in the early 2000’s on 1995 and 1996 White Burgundies and no single cause has been isolated yet. Join Richard Bampfield MW to explore this phenomenon and investigate what might be behind it. Presenter: Richard Bampfield MW Richard Bampfield graduated in French from Cambridge in 1981 and immediately decided the wine trade was where he

The Truth about TCA with Lisa Airey CWE, FWS

Summary:  Discover the history of this wine taint, how it is created, how it is transferred, and how it has been eradicated. Truth be told, “cork taint” is actually a misnomer. Although cork acts as a powerful sponge for this volatile aroma, cardboard, paper and other wood products carry it too! Learn the facts. Be informed. Not every off-aroma is TCA. Presenter: Lisa Aireya Lisa M. Airey, FWS, CWE has thirteen years of experience

Wine Faults with Christy Canterbury MW

Summary:  From what causes oxidation, reduction and heat damage to H2S and brettanomyces, join this webinar to learn how these faults occur and whether or not they can be treated or dissipate in the final wine. Presenter: Christy Canterburry MW Christy Canterbury is a Master of Wine, wine buyer, writer and educator who lives in Manhattan. Christy