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Coteaux Champenois: The Still Wines of Champagne

Summary: The eyes of the Champenois are turning increasingly towards their Burgundian neighbors. As a result of the increase in focus on terroir winemaking and rise of new-wave grower champagnes, still wine making is on the rise. Climate change is contributing, and especially the 2018-2020 trilogy of warm vintages has ignited excitement amongst both growers and houses. Master of Wine Essi Avellan gives an introduction to the still wines of Champagne. In

Innovation and Tradition in the Languedoc-Roussillon with Matthew Stubbs MW

Summary: With over 2000 years of winemaking history the Languedoc-Roussillon could be seen as a very traditional wine region, after all fortified and sparkling wines were first invented or discovered here. Many traditions still exist but also sit alongside a whole raft of innovative and cutting edge developments. No region has moved so far or so fast in the last 50 years. Using examples from regions as diverse as Pic St Loup, Terrasses du Larzac,
Viticulture Trends in Bourgogne

Viticulture Trends in Bourgogne

Summary: Bourgogne is evolving, with viticulture at the forefront of the change. Growers are confronted with climate change, characterized by shorter growing seasons, higher temperatures, increased sunlight, and drought incidents. In addition, an increasing number of producers are embracing a more considerate viticulture prioritizing plant and soil health, in an effort to increase vineyard longevity, sustainability, and overall wine quality. In this webinar we will explore