WSG tasting lab

Introducing the WSG Tasting Lab® with Julien Camus

Summary:  Join WSG founder and president Julien Camus as he unveils the mask on the Guild’s latest initiative, the WSG Tasting Lab®. The WSG Tasting Lab® is an interactive online tasting platform. It was initially designed as a tasting data collection and analysis tool as part of the Guild’s Architecture of Taste Research Project, which is aimed at developing a new and enhanced wine-tasting

WSG Tasting Lab®: Advanced Analytical Tasting with Caroline Hermann MW

Summary:  This wine has high acidity, medium alcohol with medium body, and aromas of lemon, lime, and wet stones. Sound familiar? Wine-tasting notes can appear strikingly similar on paper, especially when tasting a suite of comparable wines. As a taster, how can you differentiate them? Do we learn anything about their terroirs or production methods from this type of tasting note? WSG’s Tasting Lab® allows you to take your tasting skills to the next level and qualify (and

WSG Tasting Lab®: Initiation to GeoSensorial Tasting with Julien Camus

Summary:  Join WSG founder Julien Camus for a live, interactive tutored tasting of two terroir-driven wines from Alsace. You will also have the chance to discover WSG's brand new Tasting Lab® and initiate yourself to GeoSensorial Tasting using our tactile tasting grid. This grid focuses on a wine’s mouthfeel, texture and shape and how these elements might relate to the wine’s terroir signature. The following two wines will be tasted during the WSG Live session: