Get to know WSG Academic Advisor Andrew Jefford a bit better
photo credit: John Jefford

Get to know WSG Academic Advisor Andrew Jefford a bit better

WSG Academic Advisor Andrew Jefford was recently interviewed by Gavin Smith for the blog of wine merchant Fine+Rare.

Words from Andrew on this thought-provoking interview:

"I asked him to leave out the softballs, as 'polite' or 'respectful' interviews are tedious.  He didn't actually lay into me (though I'm eminently attackable) but he did ask some fascinatingly deep questions which I enjoyed answering. 

Among the topics we covered were the language of wine, wine and philosophy, wine writing, wine judging, the wine competitions I'm involved in, the scoring of wines and its effect on wine craftsmen and craftswomen, wine writers and corruption, the definition of 'great wine', the importance of wine-makers in wine creation and their relationship to terroir, exciting wine regions, varietal plurality, alcohol in wine -- and a question on recent wine experiences, which I was able to answer by referring to a recent Wine Scholar Guild study trip in Alsace."

You can read the full interview HERE

Andrew will be leading the following WSG study trips in 2020:

- Bourgogne Wine Study Trip (May 2020 - SOLD OUT)
- Alsace Wine Study Trip (June 2020)
- Rhône Wine Study Trip (October 2020)
- Languedoc-Roussillon Wine Study Trip (October 2020)


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