WSG Releases Tasting Lab® - Change the Way You Taste

WSG Releases Tasting Lab® - Change the Way You Taste

On April 13, WSG members, alumni and school network had the chance to discover WSG Tasting Lab®. This revolutionary way of tasting wine uses two distinct tasting grids and a lexicon created by WSG and wine industry experts that focus on a wine’s mouthfeel, texture and shape and how these elements might relate to the wines’ terroir signature.

The following two wines were tasted during this exciting webinar:

  • Domaine Marcel Deiss Grasberg 2016
  • Domaine Marcel Deiss Engelgarten 2018

What are our intentions and next steps for Tasting Lab®? WSG is in the process of developing a complete wine tasting course that takes a deep dive into the subject of neuroscience and how our brain perceives smell and taste. Stay tuned for more details!

In the short-term, we also plan to release Tasting Lab® our members as a self-service tool to allow you to taste alone or with friends in the same room or remotely. We also will release the tool to our network of over 100 schools located throughout the world so it can be used in conjunction with WSG programs, regional masterclasses or other wine courses.

As always, our tools and research are very much works in progress. Your feedback and questions are welcome and help us shape our programs and offerings to better suit your interests and needs.

Presenter: Julien Camus

In 2005, Julien Camus founded the French Wine Society, an organization dedicated to the promotion of French wine and culture through education. French Wine Society has since been rebranded as Wine Scholar Guild, the world’s leading provider of specialized certification programs on the wines of France, Italy and Spain. WSG has a school network spanning 30 countries and 5 continents and also provides its members with update to date news and food for thought through its weekly webinars hosted by leading industry experts.

Julien holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration with a major in International Marketing from the Strasbourg Management School. Since 2021, he has been teaching tasting as part of the University of Strasbourg’s degree in GeoSensorial Tasting. The Tasting Labs project stems from Julien’s desire to go above and beyond traditional ways of tasting. Tasting Lab empowers students of wine to take things to the next level and seeks to give terroir-driven and artisan wines a true voice.


Valentine Touzeau

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