Geology 101

Introduction to Geology, Soil, and Terroir
With Brenna Quigley
Saturday May 22 2021


This webinar will dig into the basics of rocks and soil, and their respective roles in defining a site’s terroir. This discussion will give you the terms, tools, and scientific foundation to discuss terroir like a pro.

We will explore the different types of rocks, how they form, and in which wine regions across the globe you can expect to find them.

We will also discuss the difference between bedrock, soil, and subsoil in order to understand how soils form and how they support plant life.

Finally, we will review the concept of terroir, and how the geology of a region can influence the character of its wine.

Presenter: Brenna Quigley

Brenna Quigley is a geologist and terroir specialist committed to thoughtfully applying the science of geology to the world of wine. She works with wine professionals in all areas of the trade in order to precisely understand and define the most impactful elements of terroir.

Currently based in Napa, CA Brenna has experience around the world including France, Austria, Italy, Spain, and Oregon.

She is passionate about making the science of geology accessible to sommeliers and vigneron alike, in order to promote a better understanding of the world around us, and highlight how wine can help us appreciate our dynamic planet. Her websites are and

Introduction to Geology, Soil, and Terroir with Brenna Quigley