Climate change

Climate Change and Wine with Roger Bohmrich MW

Summary: Significant changes in global climate may be the most consequential issue for human beings. Climate change refers not simply to rising temperatures but to a highly complex phenomenon whose pathway and effects are difficult to project. Wine provides an ideal laboratory for the study of evolving climatic patterns since there is a potential impact on three levels: the plant, fruit and finished beverage. Changes in temperatures in the 20th century have been

Climate, Grapes and Wine: Sustainability in a Variable and Changing Climate with Greg Jones, PhD

Summary:  Climate is a pervasive factor in the success of all agricultural systems, influencing whether a crop is suitable to a given region, largely controlling crop production and quality, and ultimately driving economic sustainability. Climate’s influence on agribusiness is never more evident than with viticulture and wine production where climate is arguably the most critical aspect in ripening fruit to optimum characteristics to produce a given

Hybrids or PIWIs – the future of wine? with Simon J. Woolf

Summary: Have you ever tasted a Souvignier Gris, a Solaris or a Bronner? What about Regent, Cabernet Cortis or Rösler? These are just some of the disease-resistant varieties that have been bred over the last few decades from complex crossings of vitis vinifera cultivars with American sub-species such as vitis labrusca, vitis riparia or vitis rupestris. What started as a crude exercise in creating new plant material in the wake of the turn-of-the-century phylloxera

Meeting of the Minds: Climate Change

Summary:  No topic matters more for the future of wine than climate change.  Will the world’s great wine terroirs be lost?  Can we save them, and mitigate the effects of climate change? By intervention, irrigation and regenerative farming?  Is it time for all wine regions to explore alternative varieties?  Will wine growing in general move up-latitude or up-altitude?  Is the era of glass bottles ending?  Listen to and engage with our panel as they tackle these and other

Priorat Grape Vine Vulnerability in Front of Climate Change with Antoni Sánchez-Ortiz

Summary: Rick's Pick: University of Tarragona instructor and winemaker, Antoni Sanchez-Ortiz focuses on climate change and how viticulture must adapt in Spain’s DOQ Priorat region. The mesoclimate determines climatic differences due to the topography of the Priorat and that give rise to local modifications or changes that can affect to more or less ample extensions. Factors that

Sustainable Bordeaux with Romana Echensperger, MW

Summary: The city of Bordeaux has recently been governed by a green mayor, more than 14,000 hectares of vineyards are certified organic or are being converted, and biodynamics is experiencing great popularity.In the Gironde region, too, it has been realized, not least after various pesticide scandals, that neither people nor the environment can be poisoned for a luxury product like wine. In this webinar, we want to get to the bottom of the efforts for more

The Torres Ancestral Varieties Recovery Project with Miguel Torres

Rick's Pick: Miguel Torres discusses the winery's role in the fight against climate change discussion as well as the recovery and rediscovery of Spain’s lost indigenous grapes. Summary: Over thirty years ago, Familia Torres embarked on an exciting project close to its heart: the recuperation of ancestral varieties which were believed extinct after the

Why Altitude And Genetic Diversity Will Save Wine with Dr Laura Catena

Summary:  Thirty years ago, Nicolás Catena pioneered high-altitude viticulture in Argentina. While searching for elegance and concentration, the Catena family found a strategy that today can be used for combatting climate change: "go higher". Malbec, Argentina’s leading red varietal was in decline and being pulled out.   Today, high-altitude Malbec

Wine of Tomorrow: Michelle Bouffard and Deirdre Heekin

Summary The final in a three-part series hosted by Michelle Bouffard, completing the trifecta we have Deirdre Heekin of Vermont. Further details on the content of this webinar will be available shortly.  Speaker Bios Guest - Deirdre

Wine of Tomorrow: Michelle Bouffard and Mac Forbes

Summary Is making wine in Australia sustainable considering all of the challenges the country is facing with climate change? Speaking to producer Mac Forbes certainly gives hopes. Based in the Yarra Valley, Forbes employs regenerative farming practices with no irrigation. The resulting wines are fresh, vibrant
Wine's Water Dilemma

Wine's Water Dilemma

Summary: 83% of the World’s vineyards are irrigated. With drought being a growing concern in many regions of the world and the projected increase in population, water resources for wine production is likely to be limited. How sustainable is it to irrigate and which measures can be taken by producers to reduce water usage in the vineyard and the winery? Michelle Bouffard, founder of Tasting Climate Change, shares the available solutions for a