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A Tour of Central Italian Cuisine, By Region

Recently, Barbara Philip MW hosted a virtual food and wine tour webinar for the Wine Scholar Guild. The cuisine of central Italy is as fascinating as it is delicious. This is where tomatoes and olive oil begin to replace the butter and cream of the north. Heavy, stuffed pastas give way to long pastas and are joined by more vegetables. The food of central Italy reflects the agricultural treasures provided by the warmer climate. Local grape varieties also enjoy their time in the sun, ripening to juicy perfection, creating wines that really reflect their surroundings.

An introduction to Sake – Flavours, Production and Food Pairing with Sarasa Suzuki

Summary:  Sake or Nihonshu is a Japanese traditional fermented alcoholic beverage made of Japonica rice, rice Koji and water. It is said Sake has more than 3000 years of history with a great depth of craftsmanship associated with microorganisms such as yeasts, lactic acid bacteria and Koji mold. In this webinar, we will discover the diversity of Flavours related with its production method, as well as fun food pairing tips! Presenter: Sarasa Suzuki Co-founder and

Classic Cuisines of Central Italy with Barbara Philip MW

Summary:  Join Barbara Philip MW in another wine lover’s tour of Italian cuisine.  This time the virtual voyage will take us through Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and Abruzzo as we discover the classic regional ingredients and dishes. We will also have a chance to look at the famous wines that go with the food and why. Presenter: Barbara Philips MW

Classic cuisines of Northern Italy with Barbara Philip MW

Summary:  Join Barbara Philip MW on a wine lover’s tour of Northern Italian cuisine.  Discover why food and wine that grew up together make such timeless matches and why the table is the center of Italian culture, regardless of the region. The focus will be on ingredients, rather than technique, and how the food is enjoyed both in restaurants and at home.

Classic Cuisines of Southern Italy with Barbara Philip MW

Summary:  Join Barbara Philip MW on another tour of Italian cuisine. This time the webinar will visit the exciting regions of southern Italy as well as the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. We’ll discover local dishes and the diversity of regional wines that accompany them. Presenter: Barbara Philip MW

Marrying Wine and Asian Cuisine

Summary: Just how do you pair wine to foods without a traditional Western template? Explore matching Asian cuisine and wine with Evan Goldstein MS in this evocative session looking at how to approach the road less traveled.  We recommend that you bring along the following optional wines and foods with you to the webinar to taste along live with Evan.

The Fundamentals for Pairing Wine with Food… and Food with Wine with Evan Goldstein MS

Summary:  The Fundamentals for Pairing Wine with Food… and Food with Wine (AKA what goes with what and why). Is it wine first? Food First? Or does it not matter? The answers are ‘sometimes’, ‘sometimes’ and ‘yes. it does’. Join us on this informative epicurean journey and immerse yourself in the guidelines! Grab a glass of wine of your choice so that when Evan speaks of mapping wines,

Uncorked with Evan Goldstein, Master Sommelier

Meet Evan Goldstein, Master Sommelier. Want to take your food and wine pairing skills to the next level alongside Evan? Join our upcoming specialty course "Sommelier Secret: Advance Food and Wine Pairing" and learn from Evan Goldstein, MS and 4 other acclaimed Master Sommeliers.